Broadgate Circle

Broadgate asked us to capture all the excitement from the Broadgate Circle launch night.  Our brief was to document the event and create one promotional video and one Instagram video.

However we were so enthused by the footage we captured that we made twelve videos including two different videos of the main edit.  We realise that different audiences have different tastes and we responded by creating a fast paced edit to excite general audience members about the about the evening’s events and a slower paced edit to give stakeholders and attendees a chance to see the events in more detail.

Fast Paced Event Video

Slow Paced Event Video

Here are three 15 second edits that we created specifically for Instagram.

Broadgate were so pleased with the results of the Circle launch video that they invited us back to create videos for various other events that were held on the open air stage.  We captured live music, a magician, a DJ, some break-dancers, guitar playing and some awesome trapeze artists.

We also created the following edit to show the before and after process that our post production department took the video through.  As well as the colour grade which made the colours pop and added a summery Instagram feel, note the addition of digital lens flares and digital lighting to fill the frame in the nighttime footage.  

The below stills highlight the process we went through. 

From the footage we captured on the launch night we cut individual Instagram videos for each of the restaurants.

From the above footage we cut a promotional video for Broadgate Circle featuring each of the events we captured over multiple days.

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