Charity Case Study 1

Client: Prince’s Trust
Project: Event Videos

Summary: We have an ongoing relationship with Prince’s Trust working with their marketing department to help them on various different events. They have sought our advice on their social media strategy. As a result we have been able to advise how they can leverage their celebrity contacts to amplify their message about the positive things that they do in the community. Our relationship has grown over time to the point where we are now viewed as their go-to team for their video production requirements.

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Charity Case Study 2

Client: Akshaya Patra
Project: Charity Video

Summary: Our aim was to engage UK audiences and enlighten them to the plight of hungry children in India. We decided to combine live action and hand drawn animation to show a child’s eye view of the world and to bring a new prospective on the serious issue of school kids in India who cannot afford three meals a day. The commercial won an international award, which saw the production team flying off to India to meet the people behind Akshaya Patra.

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Charity Case Study 3

Client: Prince’s Trust
Project: Get Started – Robotics

Summary: Get Started is an initiative run by the Princes Trust to help vulnerable young people develop new skills, explore different career options and gain qualifications, all under the supervision of industry professionals. The promotional video we shot for Princes Trust was focused on encouraging young people to pursue STEM related subjects. This involved a week long course where the participants had the opportunity to design and build their own robot which was then used in a “robot wars” style combat or they could build their own electronic instrument using 3D modelling and printing. This project also involved us interviewing Will.I.Am helped to fund the courses. Overall, the project was very well received both by the Princes Trust and the target audience. As a result we continue to be the Princes Trust preferred provider for video production.

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