Coca-Cola Documentary – Olympic Moves

Here is a collection of the videos we made for Coca-Cola and Olympic Moves’  Healthy Living Campaign.

Aaliyah’s Story – From Struggle To Street Dancing

Meet Aaliyah, a vibrant but struggling student, who discovers her passion in street dance. Her love of street dance transforms both her home and school life. This was the human interest part of a series of documentaries that we created for Coca-Cola as part of the healthy living campaign for Olympic Moves. The idea of this video was to draw in the audience and get them to watch the second video about the project itself.

Olympic Moves – Exercise Works

The benefits of exercise for teens go beyond simply having fun. Students who exercise show improved concentration and wellbeing. Learn how Olympic Moves is encouraging Netherlands students to get moving! This was a video that was part of the additional content for the Olympic Moves project.

Olympic Moves – School Sports Competition

Competitive sport in the Netherlands. This was the project edit that we created when working with Coca-Cola and Olympic Moves to help generate a rapport with the audience and spread the message of Olympic Moves.

Street Dance – From the Street to Competitive Sport

Learn how Street Dance has moved from the streets to becoming a competitive sport in the Netherlands

Inspirational Floorball Video

In this inspirational video a newly formed Floorball team battles their way to Olympic Moves glory. Plus find out more about the fast growing sport of Floorball. This video was part of the Olympic Moves documentaries for Coca-Cola, this featured as supporting content for the human interest story and the project edit.

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