Corporate Video Case Study 1

Client: BlueHat Group
Project: BlueHat Showreel

Summary: The production process began with Blue Hat detailing the activities that they wanted to highlight in the video. We then book it into our system and our production manager liaised with Blue Hat to ensure that all deadlines were confirmed. Once we had established our final deadline we could then backwards from there to plan the production process. Because the videos were intended to be show reel pieces they needed to be short and snappy. We chose the most fun elements of each day and combined them with shots to tell the story of what happened from the minute the corporate client turned up, all the way through to the results at the end of the day. For the Blue Hat videos we used an in-house two person camera team. This allowed us to operate cost-effectively while giving us the flexibility and mobility we needed to capture the energy of the event. All of the videos were shot with DSLR cameras which give a lovely HD quality picture with good colours and a shallow depth of field.

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