Promotional Case Study 1

Client: SIGOMA
Project: Game Of Thrones Parody

Summary: We filmed this commercial video for SIGOMA in March 2015. We scripted and storyboarded the idea with client feedback at every stage of the process. We shot the video on a cold March day with a fantastic cast in Hedingham castle in Essex. We also conceived and managed the promotional strategy for the ad using YouTube promotion as a way to target a relevant audience. The client was pleased with what we were able to produce on a relatively low budget and the ad garnered national press attention. We had a great time making this video and as big fans of the show it was a pleasure to lampoon some of our favorite characters.

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Promotional Case Study 2

Project: Superbowl Hidden Camera

Summary: A promotional hidden camera shoot that we shot in South London, following the winner of two super bowl tickets from Our client contacted us with the idea of surprising the winner of an all-inclusive trip to the Super Bowl instead of just telling him. We thought this was a great idea and we were keen to work with them, They has some ideas of where the subject could encounter certain American themed hints but since our client was from Ireland they trusted us with all the planning work.

Testimonial: Absolutely delighted with the service and planning, the execution on the day and the end product. Well done. Everyone is happy with the final product. “Instamedia first engaged Bold Content in early January 2015 with a tight deadline for a big project requiring extensive planning for many stakeholders. We found Adam, Lauren and their team to be highly professional, extremely thorough and insightful in every aspect of the project. From start to finish Bold Content took responsibility for their side of our project and outlined exactly what would be needed from each stakeholder. They raised potential issues and identified possible problems from the start which allowed us to work together to solve them before they arose. The final product Bold Content produced for our project was highly creative, professional and grabbed consumer’s attention from the start. Their editing skills allowed the story to be told exactly the way we wanted it to be. I would highly recommend Bold Content for any video content you may want produced”

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Promotional Case Study 3

Client: Money Advice Service
Project: Web Video Content

Summary: We are Money Advice Service’s preferred supplier of video content because of our understanding of how video performs on social media. We supply all of their online video content which ranges from animation to live action. Promotional videos, advisory videos, explanatory videos are all covered under our remit.

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Promotional Case Study 4

Client: University Of London
Project: Course Promotional Videos

Summary: We have worked with the psychology department to produce an undergraduate course of psychology lectures. We also worked with the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, to produce a series of
promotional videos for their courses. For UCL we created two different series of promotional videos for their legal courses. For UOL’s careers department we produced a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). All of these have been courses or projects that have lasted a year or more. As a result we now have an in-house team who are highly experienced at talking-head interviews. We know how to make people feel relaxed in interview situations and understand how to setup a great looking interviews in sometimes very difficult circumstances. We pride ourselves on authenticity and always favor a natural down to earth approach, as we have found that this increases engagement with online audiences.

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Promotional Case Study 5

Client: GL Assessment
Project: App Promotional Video

Summary: GL Assessment came to us for ideas on how to promote their app for assessing school children. We responded with various creative concepts for how to engage an audience with one video and lead them on a breadcrumb train to another video, which would explain the functionality of the app in detail. We shot this video at a fantasist school in Milton Keynes where we encountered some amazingly intelligent and talented youngsters. The idea was to set the emotional tone for the assessment as fun, engaging and something that the children would talk about in a positive light.

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Promotional Case Study 6

Client: BlueHat Group
Project: App Promotional Video

Summary: Our brief was to create a promotional video highlighting the features and benefits of a new app that allows teams to go on an interactive treasure hunt in an urban environment. Our approach involved a mixture of live action and animation to visually illustrate some of the functions of the app which would be difficult for a new user to conceptualize. The style is based upon an augmented reality environment. We carefully pre-planned the shoot to ensure that we knew where the on screen graphics would be placed. For example we framed the shot of the group standing in front of the wall to enable us to add text to the negative space at the top of the frame. The client supplied us with a list of bullet points that they wanted to touch upon in the video, we then took those bullet points and turned it into a script for the visuals.
Due to the popularity of Facebook advertising we needed to ensure that the video would work without audio, so we constructed a story that would work purely visually.

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