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Bold Content is an award-winning team of experienced filmmakers who specialise in creative video production.

We help businesses and charities make videos that tell a story.

When video production is done well, it can trigger emotion that can move people to action. Whether you’re looking for an interview, promotional, or explainer video, we can help you to create human-interest video content that will resonate with your target audience and make a difference.

Are your videos bold enough to rise above the noise?

Whether you’re trying to attract new customers, new employees or new donors, creating a video that differentiates your brand and is produced in-line with your culture and values is imperative.  We are experts in making videos that stand out from the crowd and tell your audience who you are.

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Work with Bold on a lot of projects, from basic corp videos through to much more involved and creative projects and they always deliver. Great to work with and our most recent project, which required a high degree of creativity and a rapid turnaround, couldn’t have gone better.

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Head of Content