Bold Content Flavrbox Animation Video: A Q&A With Bold Content MD Adam Neale

Take a look at our latest introduction video, produced by the Bold Team who have ventured into the world of animation once again. This time teaming up with talented illustrator Anna Brinded, animator Ketan Raval and music composer Thomas Bradley Gill to bring a new website to life for our friends at “Flavrbox – a new way to buy great food, by people you’ll love”.

Adam Neale, Managing Director of Bold Content, has answered a few questions in relation to the animation process, how animation can benefit your company, and how Flavrbox video was born.

If you’re interested in creating an animation or live action video for your business, you’ll find some interesting information in this Q&A article. But first have a look at the video below!!

Q: How did you come up with the idea for the Flavrbox video?

A: Our brief was to come up with something a little different from a simple explanation/introduction video. Something abstract, something that caught people’s attention and really showed the uniqueness of the brand. The idea was to suggest that this character ‘enters the world of flavrbox’ and that this world was in a box… One thing led to another and before we knew it we had a character being lifted up in a ‘Flavrbox’ (presented as a hot air balloon) to a world where sheep play badminton and French baguettes sing in a band. Now the tricky bit was finding the right illustrator!

Q:  What did you have in mind when you created the characters in this animation?

A:   A lot of this comes down to the illustrator, Anna Brinded (We think her work is fabulous!). We loved her bright colours and quirky characters. When we had the idea, we knew that animals would be dancing and having fun, but we didn’t know who our ‘Character’ was and Anna worked very patiently with us to create the right character.

Q:  How difficult and demanding is it to produce an animation video?

A:  It depends on what style of animation you are creating and your concept. Low key animation can be very simplistic, but in general, our Flavrbox animation required a lot of team work between the client, animator, illustrator, editor, sound designer and once you have all these people on board, a lot of communication is needed. The bulk of the work was the pre-production, creating storyboards and scripts and then Anna’s illustrations came to life at the hand of a fantastic animator Ketan Ravel, he worked tirelessly to tight deadlines to take Anna’s layered illustrations and add movement and life to the story.

Q:   How much time does the whole process take?

A: We’ve created animations in the past that come in just under two weeks, however, this one took us a couple of months due to the idea growing and changing with input from each person in the creative team.

Q: Explain in simple words the process of creating an animation.


  •  You come up with an idea, you work out logistically how to do it (who do you need to get on board? What is your time length? Can you fit your idea into your budget?).
  • Work out your desired style and create a storyboard/animatic to make sure it is going to work.
  • Include the client at every stage to make sure you’re heading along the right path and that your idea makes marketing sense.
  • Create the artwork. Animate it. Edit it together. Record the voice over, get the sound design and music composed.
  • Edit it and mix the sound levels so it sounds even throughout. Done! (Of course, there are usually many complications along the way!)
Flavrbox animation storyboard shots

Q: Do you have any top tips for creating a good animation?

A: Research other good animations and work out why they work. Plan everything out in advance. Get a good story/concept behind the animations.

Q:  Why do you think nowadays animation videos are becoming so popular?

A: We think they’ve always been popular. Maybe there is now an increase in demand because you can easily illustrate abstract concepts which work well for a lot of companies working in the service industry.  Sometimes it’s hard to get a video to explain the service that a company offers but an illustration will do just the trick.  As an online video is an incredibly powerful sales tool we believe that every business can benefit from its use; animation just opens up the possibilities for creative marketers to sell their products or services in new and innovative ways.

Q: Do you recommend businesses use animation videos for their marketing communications? Why? What are the benefits instead of other kinds of videos?

A:  There are certain benefits to using animation over live action, it just depends on what is best for your brand and what type of video you want. Both are very effective marketing tools in the hands of a marketing manager with imagination and a video production company with a passion for creativity.

 Q: In which cases (marketing objectives) do you think an animation video might work more than a live video?

A: If you have a tight budget but you absolutely must have a shot of a cat flying through space, I might recommend animation! It’s a great way of bringing not only your wild imagination and creativity to life, but you can really tug at the heartstrings in certain cases through using animation. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with other emerging artists, such as the illustrators.

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