Bold Content What Makes A Great Charity Video?

What Makes A Great Charity Video?

Social good and charity is always a relevant topic. Video has become an increasingly popular format used to raise awareness to a cause. Popular videos on Youtube and Vimeo draw attention to natural disasters, environment, famine, disease, endangered species, abuse, social injustice, and employ a vast array of formats; song, montage, celebrity cameos, the list goes on.

So what makes a charity or social good video stand out, grab our attention and cause us to take action?

Recent examples such as the Kony 2012 campaigning appeal through evocative imagery, carefully chosen dialogue and meticulous editing.

“Five”, a film with a host of celebrity directors including Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys, charts the devastating effects of Breast Cancer.

Daniel Craig dressed in Drag for the charity We Are Equals in order to demonstrate gender imbalance professionally and domestically.

It would seem, even when disaster, tragedy and suffering are concerned, that we flock to the glossy, expensive and celebrity endorsed media snippets rather than give time to the proverbial underdogs. You can see more incredibly effective examples of charity videos with our top 10 charity videos of 2014.India Vehicle

So can charities only break into the digital panorama with A-Lists in their artillery? This isn’t necessarily so, there can be no failure in raising awareness and support to help a cause. Really it is encouraging that high profile actors, singers, directors are willing to take time to contribute to something they believe in; to help. And whilst the majority will flock to the Hollywood endorsed projects, steady streams of support are still generated from lesser-publicised campaigns. Its not all doom and gloom!

A Selection Of Bold Content’s Charity Videos:

Action For ChildrenIndia Street

Action for Children are committed to making a real difference to the vulnerable children, young people and families they work with. In this video produced for them August 2012 we’ve highlighted key points from their Impact Report 2012.

We worked with some of Action for Childrens young people to create a series of short animated documentaries.

Solace Woman’s Aid

Bold are proud to have worked with many fantastic charities and have recently created a series of explaination videos for Solace Woman’s Aid, a wonderful London based charity. Solace helps victims of domestic abuse and violence in many different ways. See our videos below and visit their website to support this charity

Akshaya Patra Foundation

India Streets Child Washing
We were also privileged enough to visit Akshaya Patra’s HQ in Vrandivan. Akshaya Patra is an organisation which aims to feed 5 million children by 2020. More footage of this will follow shortly in a micro-documentary about their work. We were inspired by the Akshaya Patra charity and developed the concept around some footage that we shot in Bangalore of a child on the streets begging for money.

We were touched by the plight facing the starving children on the streets of India and decided to create a charity video for the UK Market to highlight how privileged UK children are compared to their Indian counterparts. Whilst our protagonist concerns herself with imaginary dolphins and interesting facts about space travel, she is set in stark contrast to a child across the road from her who is begging for food.

Need a charity video?

We would love to help. Watch our charity showreel here or call us at 0203 637 1467.