Bold Content How Video Is Being Used By Educational Establishments

Because educational videos and training videos are becoming more popular, we thought we would write a little blog post looking into this rapidly expanding area…

Education is experiencing a technical overhaul on par with the music, publishing and retail industries with a revolution in modes of educational delivery. Online tutorials, presentations, and seminars are rapidly gaining popularity with more and more people turning to these online resources for just about everything from everyday solutions to recognized qualifications.

Carole Cadwalladr’s recent article in the Observer “Do online courses spell the end for the traditional university?” (Sunday 11 November 2012) suggests that physical presence at college or university may become a thing of the past with a surge in webinars, online lectures, presentations and entire courses offered by ivy league professors featuring real course content.

Soon we might be graduating from our sofas without ever having graced a university campus. Universities have recognized the multi-fold benefits of video as a tool for education with many currently employing video to supplement and augment courses; Bold Content has previously done a series of online tutorials for various London Universities including Goldsmith’s University.

Sebastian Thrun, professor of artificial intelligence at Stanford University certainly thinks that online education is the future. His recent launch of Udacity, an online university demonstrates his desire to provide mass high-quality education for the world. For those who have the motivation and ability but lack the resources to physically attend such educational behemoths as the American Ivy League and British Oxbridge.

Online learning is no new enterprise, people have been turning to Youtube, eHow and Videojug for years now to learn, discover, make and mend. What has changed is that professors and universities are now collaborating, communicating and sharing content online, making it available to the masses all across the world, for free (for now). Education is now an industry in its own right, with an identifiable market and an ever growing body of consumers.

Video fits perfectly into this market, students are able to watch live lectures taking place thousands of miles away, pause rewind, watch again the next day. This kind of learning is dynamic, adaptable and works to any schedule. The sting of ever rising fees can be abolished with the introduction of university courses for free online, where anyone with the willing can prosper regardless of their geography, economy, culture and politics.

Its not just universities that are turning to video, businesses are also hopping on the e-learning bandwagon; Bold have recently completed some Chinese cultural awareness videos for law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus and Deringer to highlight how Western lawyers can avoid common cultural pitfalls when working with chinese clients.  Training videos are one of our specialities and spicing them up into a tool that is both engaging and meets the desired learning outcomes is a challenge that we relish.  We will soon be commencing just such a project for a big UK company and will be keeping you updated via the Bold blog.

With rising tuition fees, the promise of massive debts after graduating and a dismal job market, a free internet education certainly has its attractions, not to mention acting as a vehicle for social mobility. For now e-learning and video tuition can be used to supplement and augment traditional classroom learning. The team at Bold certainly believe that well produced, informative and captivating video can make all the difference, so if the professors with the knowledge teamed up with the creatives with the know-how, well something extraordinary is bound to happen!

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