Bold Content Strict New Travel Checks Got You Down? Our Animated Video Has Travel Tips To Help You Out

Security checks are the bane of every traveller. Unfortunately they maybe about to get worse…

The Department For Transport recently announced that there would be strict new travel checks put in place. While the exact scope of these checks is unclear it appears that they will involve more rigorous inspection of electronic devices.

In a nutshell – you may need to turn your cellphone or other electronic device off and on, in order to prove that it isn’t a bomb.

While the DoF obviously believes that these new checks are necessary in order to protect travellers from what transport secretary Patrick McLouglin has called a “constantly evolving threat from terrorism” It will also undoubtedly add more time to get through the check-in process.

To help out – and make your check in just that little bit easier – we have put together an animated which provides our top 10 travel tips for a faster and more efficient check in.

Top 10 Travel Tips To Improve Your Check In

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