Bold Content Guy Ritchie Commercials – Ads By Director Guy Ritchie

Commercial work has played an important role from the start of Guy Ritchie’s career. After dropping out of school at age 15 to pursue a career in the film industry, Ritchie began directing music promos and commercials. The money made from these promos was reinvested into his first short film “The Hard Case” which would prefigure his signature style seen in later films “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch”. It was that same style which would prove popular with brands as the commercials below show.

Guy Ritchie – Nike – Take it to the Next Level Director’s Cut – 2010

This definitely can go down in the books as one of the best football advertisements of all time. This Guy Ritchie commercial runs over two minutes long but it is worth the watch. The ad is filmed from the perspective of a footballer so the viewer sees the action from his point of view. This ad takes you through the highs and lows of football and brings the big dreams of many people to the screen. It shows the player moving from small time to big time football playing for Arsenal. The ad features not only his life as it relates to football and as such has more than just perfect goals and goofing around with his team mates on the field. The ad features women in bikinis and fast cars; all of which do a great job of grabbing and keeping the attention of the viewer for the entire ad.

Guy Ritchie – Dior – Homme – 2010

Starring Jude Law this ad has the viewer glued to the screen from the start. It engages you in such a way that you don’t want to take your eyes off the screen because you have no clue what is going to happen and you sure don’t want to miss it. It has the feel of a thriller as the main character appears at first to be a contract killer. Following a phone call, Law’s character gets dressed and drives away and it is only then that you start to hear the rest of the conversation from the other end. You get to hear the entire conversation between the two from beginning to end and the commercial ends with them meeting up. The fragrance is the signature (his scent) which will allow his partner to know he is present.

Guy Richie BMW – E39 M5 ‘Star’ – 2007

This ad advertises the BMW E39 M5. The film features Madonna and Clive Owen and is responsible for bringing Owen into the film industry’s mainstream. The ad starts off slow with no indication that it has anything to do with the car but it picks up nicely towards the middle of the ad as Owen shows what the E39 M5 is capable of. And this is where the fun begins; we see gear changing, hear tire screeching, the car flying through the air and great maneuvering from all angles. All of this is sprinkled with comedy to keep you engaged and with a smile on your face. The ad right then and there grabs your attention and keeps your eyes peeled to the screen for the remaining minutes of the short film. This commercial shows what Guy Ritchie is capable of and the result is nothing short of stunning.
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