Bold Content Animate Your Marketing! – A Guide To Using Animation In Marketing

Animation can be one of the most effective forms of communication for your marketing.

Below we will look at when using animation in marketing is appropriate and when live action may be more suitable.

We will also discuss some of the key elements which make animation highly effective for marketing.

The Elements Of Effective Animation For Marketing

Choosing The Right Style

One of the most important things to consider when creating an animated video is selecting a style which will be appropriate for the subject.

For example, if you have a 300-year-old business telling it’s company history, then you may want to use a hand-drawn style of animation.

This can give the animation a lyrical, poetic style which helps convey the branding that the company wishes to express.

Conversely, if you have a young, start-up then you may want to use CGI animated style. This could include large block colour and a more corporate, tech feeling to the video.

Selecting The Right Pacing

Pacing for the video will depend upon its purpose and the buyer persona. You want the animation and maintain a pace which retain the audiences interest.

Explainer videos, in particular, need to keep impetus so that the viewer is delivered the key benefits and features of that product or service in a direct way that doesn’t waste their time.

Making The Most Of Music

Music can be a very important element of the story.

In animated video voice and music may need to work even harder than they would with a traditional live action video. Therefore choosing exactly the right music is even more critical. You want music which is going to keep interest up throughout the animated video and drives the narrative forward.

The John Lewis Christmas Advert The Bear and the Hare ad shows just how powerful the right music – along with a fantastic creative idea – can be.

Benefits Of Animation In Video

In general people have positive associations with animation. Presenting information in animated form can help to produce a more receptive audience for the content.

Including visual information in the form of animation is critical for improving the retention. According to a recent study by Zabisco 40% of people will respond better to visual information than text.

By including animation – supplemented by written copy – you ensure that you are delivering the information in the way that your audience is most likely to consume it.

Animation in marketing video is usually a very cost-effective option. With animation you are only limited by your imagination. This means that you can include special effects and exotic locations which would be very expensive to do with a live action video.

City of London Animation from Bold Content on Vimeo.

When Animation May Not Be Appropriate

While animation for video marketing purposes can be very effective, it will not always be the best solution. One of the limitations of animation for video is that it can make difficult to get the personality of the company across.

With a live corporate interview expressing this personality is much easier. Showing the founder (or another client facing employee) can make it easier to form a personal connection with the company and the prospective client.

This type of personal connection is much harder to achieve with an animated video.

Animated video is also sometimes unsuitable for subject’s which may be more serious or sensitive in nature. Animation may suggest that the topic is not be treated seriously. A video production agency will be able to give you advice as to whether animation is suitable or not, for the subject matter or not.

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