Bold Content How To Create An Effective Corporate Video On A Limited Budget

We would all love to have six-figure budgets to work with when making a corporate video. But, the reality of business is that every video production has a cap. In some cases, the budget available for the video may be extremely limited. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still produce a great looking video, that will engage your target audience and achieve your business goals. Here we will look at how you can create an effective corporate video on even when working with a limited a budget.

Provide Creative Freedom

There are ways to raise the production value of your corporate video without breaking the bank. My top tip for this is to consult with your production company prior to filming and allow them some creative freedom and the chance to try something they have been wanting to do for a while. If they are a creative bunch they will respond well to the challenge and will throw their all into the video to make sure that your trust in them is rewarded. You may end up with some innovative results that you would not have conceived without their input.

Corporate Videos On A Budget

Use Camera Movement

Another simple way to increase production value is through the use of camera movement. The DSLR revolution means that great looking corporate video can be produced on a small budget, however, these cameras are not great at being moved around whilst filming. When they are used handheld or with a shoulder rig they often deliver jerky motion or you will see a wobbly jello effect so they are often locked off on tripods and either panned, tilted or slid slowly to achieve some movement. However, there are new camera stabilization systems that allow videographers the chance to create Hollywood-esque Steadicam shots. These shots can really improve the production value of your video and set it apart from the rest.

Invest In Paid Promotion

If you are already on a tight budget investing in marketing the video may seem like an unwanted additional expense. But, a small budget dedicated to paid promotion of the video can be worth its weight in gold. Your video production company or marketing agency should be able to help you manage the advertising campaign and suggest the best channels and distribution outlets help your video get to the right audience. By investing a small amount in paid advertising at the launch of the video you can start the ball rolling in terms of view count. If the video strikes a chord with the intended audience, likes and shares will follow leading to more organic results.


Many of our clients are surprised just how much we can deliver – even on a restricted budget. Whether you have a big budget or small, we would love to talk to you about your corporate video. Call us on 0203 637 1467 or use our contact form below.


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