Bold Content 5 Reasons to Capture your Publicity Event on Video

5 Reasons to Capture your Publicity Event on Video

Publicity events are designed to attract as wide an audience for a product or brand as possible. There is no better medium for capturing the public’s attention than video. Below are five reasons why:

1. Video shows the consumer what they will be getting.

car product blue photo event There is nothing more valuable than showing the consumer exactly why they should want your product and how it works. Video is the ultimate medium for demonstrating this as it allows the viewer to see the product being used by attendees and their genuine, real time reactions. This gives the product or the brand an element of reliability as the consumer is seeing how people interact with the product and its unique selling points, encouraging use or purchase of the product. Video also works for all genres of publicity event, for example if you are holding a range of conferences all the way to a large convention, video captures all of the elements which guests will be interacting with and gives the viewer full insight into the event and the product being advertised.

2. Video Documents the Event and Creates Longevity.

No matter the length of your event there is likely to be elements which guests missed, or would like to repeat to gain a fuller understanding. Through video all of these different sections can be documented and reviewed by attending guests. This also means that your product or brand can review the event in detail and see what was successful and what can be improved, gauging feedback by attendees reactions, which are captured on video. Capturing the event on video also means that each section can be released individually through press releases or at relevant dates to ensure maximum viewership from those which could not attend. This means that the publicity used at the event can reach audiences which could not attend and ensures that they are interested in the product which you are trying to promote.

Transcripts from speeches which have been captured on video can also be used to promote the product in other ways for example through posters or essays. The individual video of these speeches can also be distributed through to interested consumers on social media or on your website, linking them to more information on your company or product.

3. Video encourages people to share on Social Media.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for publicity in this generation, with a successful advertisement given the chance to go viral overnight- which means far more users of the product. According to a study by Cisco Globally, online video traffic will be 55 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2016, This means that your video has the potential to be shared globally in the world, in many cases for free. This also gives your event more reach than ever before, not only to interested parties which could not attend, but also to people who had no interest in your product/brand before but have now become engaged in it through the video which was produced. A viral video advertising your product can be an invaluable asset to starting up your social media channels when establishing a new brand or product meaning that your product will then have been seen by thousands of people and will have social standing when being advertised in different ways, for example print media.

4. Video allows you to have instant feedback.

comment blue website text image blue feedback When sharing anything with a large audience feedback is something that as a product/brand you are likely to receive no matter if you asked for it or not. This is an extremely valuable asset to using video, firstly as it is so easily shared on social media the more people that see it, the more comments which will be left on the video. This means that you can get instantaneous feedback on your product without having to conduct costly surveys and reviews. Secondly during the event, through interviews, opinions of attendees can be captured and relayed to you. Usually during this people feel more comfortable talking to a camera than representatives of the brand/product, which can be very daunting. This allows you to have valuable, honest, feedback on your product just after people have used it, something which could not be achieved without capturing your publicity event on video.

  5. Video can promote your next event.

marketing video production image blue rainbow feeback social media Now that you have held your publicity event and captured it on video, the next step is to publicise and plan your next one. The video of your previous event is a vital tool in promoting your next event. Video allows the atmosphere of the event to be captured, an exciting, friendly atmosphere is likely to encourage previous attendees to attend again and the video will ensure that consumers will come to the next event because the one in the video looks so good. There is almost nothing more important than promoting your promotional material or it is going to go unnoticed. Be the company that stands out and using video to capture their publicity event.

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