Bold Content Facebook Video Statistics For 2016 [With Infographic]

2015 was the year that video exploded on Facebook. By the end of 2015 Facebook reported more than 8 billion daily video views. 2016 looks to be an equally interesting year for video on Facebook as the social media site moves into live streaming video and virtual reality. Here are some of the key statistics which will define video on Facebook in 2016.

People spend 3x longer watching Facebook Live videos compared to those that are no longer live

Facebook’s newly launched product Live Video has proved popular with users. Facebook reports that users watch videos which are live for three times longer than compared to those which are not live. As a consequence Facebook is favouring Live videos and placing them higher in users news feeds.
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The number of video posts per person increased by 94% in the USA and 75% globally in 2015

Facebook users have becoming increasingly prolific in posting video content. In 2015 the number of videos posted by the average user in in the United States increased by 94%. Global sharing of video content was also on the rise with a 75%.

(Source: Facebook Newsroom. What the Shift to Video Means for Creators.

Facebook has an average of 8 billion daily video views

In Facebook’s Q3 2015 the social media site reported on average 8 billion video views. That was double the 4 billion video views reported in April of that year. While there are some debate about the validity of comparing video views on Facebook to those on YouTube, the growth in video viewership is undeniable. In 2016 expect to see even larger daily video views announced. 

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Videos have a 135% greater organic reach compared to photo posts on average

Video as greater organic reach than other types of content on the site. Compared to photo posts video have a 135% greater organic reach. For brands the difference between the organic reach for video vs. photos was even more significant. Branded video content has a 148% greater organic reach.

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People have watched more than one million hours of video with Samsung Gear VR, says Facebook

In February 2016 Facebook launched a new social media VR team. Their mission is to ensure Facebook users can connect and share using Virtual Reality technology. As part of that mission the team will be collaborating with the Facebook owned VR headset maker Occulus Rift. Facebook reports users have already watched more than one million hours of video using Samsung Gear VR and more than 200 games and apps are now available on the Occulus Store.

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Facebook Video Statistics For 2016 Infographic