Bold Content Mobile Video Statistics For 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

2016 is set to be the year when mobile becomes the predominant way people consume video. As the statistics below show mobile is on the cusp of overtaking over other forms of video consumption. The popularity of mobile video is not restricted to a single format either. Both short and long form video is being consumed on smartphones and tablets. Learn more about these mobile video statistics and more along with our 2016 mobile video statistics infographic.

Video was 55% of total mobile data traffic in 2015

That watching video on mobile devices is fairly well known. But the degree to which it now dominates mobile content consumption is less widely understood. Last year video constituted more than half of all mobile data traffic – and that number is set to grow in 2016.

68% of people share the videos that they watch on their smartphones

When traditional TV dominated people would discover what to watch through magazines, TV advertising, radio and word of mouth. However, there is was no quick and easy way to share a great show with friends and family unless they are in the same room as you. With smartphones video sharing and discovery has changed completely. Because smartphones are both communication and content consumption devices viewers are extremely likely to share video content that they enjoy. With 68% of people now sharing videos on their smartphone, social sharing has come a very important way for people to discover new content.

46% of all video plays in the 4th quarter in 2015 were on smartphones or tablets

Video consumption habits are changing. There is move from desktop viewing to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets – especially amongst younger people. With the current trajectory of video consumption, we can expect that in 2016 more than half of all video consumed will likely be on mobile devices.

36% of smartphone viewers watch long form video on mobile

One of the common misconceptions about mobile video is that mobile must equal short form content. While short video is certainly popular on smartphones it is by no means the only type of content that is popular on these devices. More than a third of smartphone viewers watched video longer than 5 minutes on their mobile devices. For many people their smartphone is becoming the way that they watch all video – whether that short or long.

77% of decision makers surveyed predict that consumers will spend more time watching video over the next three years

Given the other statistics noted here that it is not surprising that more than three quarters of decision makers at major advertising and branding firms have predicted that people are going to watch more video on their smartphones over the next three years. Reinforcing the fact that we will see mobile video grow in 2016.

A single pause in a video can cause the viewer’s stress levels to increase by 15 additional points

Given that streaming on smartphones is not always perfect it is worth understanding the psychological impact that watching these videos has. A single video pause has a significant impact on the stress levels of the person watching it.

In 2015 the equivalent of 3 full length movies were added to mobile video traffic per smartphone

It can be difficult to conceptualize just how much mobile video traffic is growing by. One statistic that helps us to wrap our head around the sheer size of mobile video growth is that the three full length movies were added per smartphone subscription in 2015.

Mobile Video Statistics 2016