Bold Content How To Create A Vimeo Album

Vimeo album’s provide an easy way to organize your video content. You can both your own and other people’s Vimeo videos to albums.

Here’s how to create an album:

Step #1: First you will need to create an album. To do this place your mouse cursor over your profile image. When you do this a drop down menu will appear. From the menu select the collections tab.

How to create a vimeo album step 1

Step #2: Select the +Create new album button. This should be sitting just above any existing albums that you have already created.

How to create a vimeo album step 2

If you have a Pro or Plus account you will be able to create an unlimited number of albums. If you have a basic account you will be limited to three albums.

Step #3: Next choose a title for the album and a description. You can also choose at this point to include a password if you want to restrict access to the album. You can learn more about private Vimeo albums here.

How to create a vimeo album step 3

Step #4: To add videos select the desired video thumbnail and click on the + icon in the top right hand corner of that thumbnail.

How to create a vimeo album step 4


You can select relevant videos from your:

  • My Uploads
  • My Appearances
  • My Uploads & Appearances
  • My Likes
  • Group you have joined
  • Channels you have subscribed for

To search for a specific video you can click on the magnify glass icon and then enter the name of the video.