Bold Content Video Sales Funnel For GL Assessment Baseline Testing App [CASE STUDY]

Technology is transforming the way students are taught and assessed. It’s an exciting time to be involved with education and so were very happy when we were approached by GL Assessment the UK’s leading provider of educational assessment to create promotional and training videos for their new Baseline app. This project was interesting for us in that it allowed us to create an entire sales marketing funnel using video from a top line promotional video through to training videos and finally an expert testimonial video.

Client: GL Assessment

Operating in more than 100 countries GL Assessment is the UK’s leading provider of assessments for UK schools, international schools and overseas ministries. Technology sits at the forefront of GL Assessment’s business having in total delivered more than 7 million online test across the globe. As part of GL Assessment’s technology initiatives they developed the innovative new Baseline app.GL Assessment Baseline Testing App Videos

The Brief: Baseline Assessment App Promotional & Training Videos

From September 2016 primary schools will be required to conduct a baseline assessment that can be used as a starting point to measure a pupil’s progress. GL Assessment developed a one-to-one teaching tablet app to provide this measurement capability. GL Assessment asked Bold Content to create promotional videos to highlight the unique benefits of GL Assessments app.

The Process: Creating The Baseline Assessment Videos

Gaining Awareness With Promotional Videos

To create these promotional videos we needed to interview a number of young children and deliver authentic, cute reactions to using the app. The first promotional video showed the teacher and pupil using the application.


The second promotional video showed the children’s reactions after using the tablet. For this second video we chose to use a three camera setup to make sure that if one shot didn’t work, we had another angle that we could use. Having multiple camera angles enables us to capture every moment no matter what the children did.

We also wanted the video to have a little bit of movement. We gently moved the camera to give a fun and free feeling to the video. On consultation with the client we decided that dreamy, hazy like look would be desirable. We used lighting from behind the children to achieve that glow and produce a slight halo effect.

Working with children brings its own unique challenges and opportunities. Before the shoot our director introduced himself to the children, made sure that they were aware of how to be safe on set and felt comfortable working with him. Before, during and after filming the director was engaged in conversation with the children so that they would feel at ease. Working to build up a child’s confidence is key to producing a good performance on camera and we believe that the additional time we spent making the children feel comfortable really paid off in producing fun and energetic performances on camera.


To learn more about how we filmed this promotional video you can watch this behind the scenes video:


Explaining How The App Worked With A Training Video

Promoting the video was only one part of the funnel of taking a potential user into a buyer customer. We also wanted to make sure that users were completely comfortable with how the Baseline app actually worked. To achieve this we created the how to video shown below. This how to video used live footage with a top down view of both the teacher’s and student’s app side by side.


Overcoming Buyer Skepticism With A Testimonial Video

Once we had created awareness of the Baseline app through our promotional video and explained how it worked with our training video we still needed to overcome skepticism that school procurement departments might have. To achieve this we created a testimonial video from an industry expert. For this video psychologist Poppy Ionides was selected to provide the testimonial.


The end result was complete end-to-end sales funnel where we could take someone who no existing knowledge of the Baseline App and create that initial awareness, introduce them to how the app works and finally provide proof that it would achieve the results they desired.