Bold Content 7 Hypnotic Ways Brands Are Using Cinemagraphs


Marketers are always searching for new and exciting ways to engage consumers and interest them in their products or services. Cinemagraphs are a hybrid between a photograph and a looped video; as part of the image moves, the rest remains frozen in time. The hypnotic visual medium is becoming a desirable tool in advertising as more brands look to avoid the complexity of a video while telling a more elaborate story than they could with a still picture.

Below we take a look at the campaigns of several brands that dared to use this mesmerising medium.

1. Chanel


The above cinemagraph was part of one of Chanel’s more recent digital ad campaigns. The iconic fashion company opted for a cinemagraph because Facebook had announced that it would be supporting the ad format on its site.

2. Netflix

House of Cards Cinemagraph















The popular streaming service has chosen to employ cinema graphs multiple times to promote its new movies and series. In anticipation of House of Cards’ new season, Netflix implemented this cinema graph into its email marketing campaign to let fans of the show know of its return in a unique way.

3. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola Cinemagraph








Coca-Cola took to tumblr to share this captivating post. The cinema graph garnered a lot of attention and over 80,000 re-blogs, making this cinema graph a marketing success.

4. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Cinemagraph









For its campaign promoting the cologne, Encounter, Calvin Klein employed a cinemagraph to attract customers to their site. There they could view a short film made for the cologne and learn more about the new scent.

The diverse scope of brands that have been turning to cinema graphs to market themselves speaks to the medium’s ability to engage with consumers, and their success is piquing widespread attention. With social media platforms, such as Facebook, expanding their capacity to support the format, we expect we will be seeing a lot more cinema graphs in the near future.

5. Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman cinemagraph - TV

Stuart Weitzman sought out Ann Street Studio’s Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, the husband and wife duo to create an add in the form of a cinema graph that features their shoes. The ad campaign was launched in August of 2015 on Instagram and was directed to selected people on Facebook.

6. Harper’s Bazaar


Ann Street Studio created a cinemagraph of Laurel Pantin the editorial director of The Coveteur for an article in Harper’s Bazaar displaying a Fall 2016 wedding gown line. The fashionista wanted to look perfect for her wedding and struggled to find the best gown and decided having multiple costume changes.

7. Nestle’s frozen yogurt


A new frozen custard line was debuted using Pinterest’s pins. The playful ad was viewed by Nestle’s frozen yogurt and ice cream consumers using their mobile phones.