Bold Content How To Setup A Video Interview

When producing an interview video it is important that the content of the video is relevant and interesting, when a client hires a production company they should ask for a director to be provided to make sure that the content is consistent and engaging.

Interview Camera Setup

For an interview video, the production company should provide cameras with 4K video capabilities paired with l-series lenses or cine lenses. Our interview video equipment includes the Sony FS7 because of its pin-sharp image quality and ease of use. It allows us to be flexible with our projects and means that we can make adjustments to; style & look and the camera angle and show the client what the video will look like.

Interview Lighting Setup

As well as the camera system and lenses, it is important that lighting is carefully considered as lighting has the power to make or break a video. With proper planning and style in mind, some of the dullest rooms can be brought to life with clever placement of lights. In the film and video world, a 3-point lighting setup is considered the best interview lighting setup. This is because the result gives us a clean image that brings the interviewee/ speaker away from the background.

Please see the image below for a visual representation of a standard Interview Lighting Setup / 3-point lighting setup.

Interview Background

As previously mentioned, we use the Sony FS7 for our interviews but that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get a good looking interview. With lighting under control, you need to make sure that the shot composition is best for the video. Our interview camera setup usually has the subject on the left or right side of the frame with empty space on the opposing side. The video interview background will associate a location with the interview.


  • Make sure that the video production company provide a director
  • Encourage use of 4K cameras and cine lenses
  • Use a three point lighting setup
  • Use a good background