Bold Content The Case for Content – Lance Concannon, MD for Sysomos, Discusses at CMA Digital Breakfast [VIDEO]

Creating content for your business is the modern backbone of marketing. In order to get business, you need to have viewership. There are a multitude of other ways to use content to your advantage.

At a recent CMA Digital Breakfast, Lance Concannon discusses the case for content. Lance is the Marketing Director for Sysomos, an enterprise-level Social Media Management Analysis Company. You can view his presentation here:


Introduction to Conversion

It’s important to have ‘laser light’ focus when trying to engage an audience. Know what you are going to achieve. However, not everyone starts out with this focus. Some very successful marketers began with just a vague idea and narrowed from there.

Content works really well for brand awareness. Use it as a measure to compare how many people are talking about your products as opposed to your competitors.

There are different types of conversion. There is content that converts people into being interested in your brand. Then there is content that actually leads people to buy something.

If users go through any gated mechanism to get to your content, this is called lead generation. Lance uses the example of requiring an e-mail to access content. However, most of those people won’t result in sales. Also beware of this pitfall: If you create really good content, you may find that conversion is low because the leads are only interested in the content itself and not buying your product.

Reducing Sales Churn

Social media is a great tool for customer retention. Lance gives the example of if a customer has something to complain about, they can do it via social media, and then the company can address the concern. A good social interaction can go a long way to retaining that consumer.

Reduced Costs

Great content can save you money. Especially when it comes to niche audiences, great content can be shared and the rest will do itself.

The secret to good SEO is to create good quality consistent content, producing quality content is better than advertising everywhere because the media gravitate towards it as well as your existing audience.

If something is doing really well on social media, oftentimes they get written about in the press. Good content can help you spend less on PR.

You can also save money on customer service by putting more information (the right content) on your website.

Brand Awareness: exposure, share of voice, influence, engagement, sentiment.

S.M.A.R.T Measurements

Set goals, set measurable goals. Be specific. Is the goal realistic? Is it achievable? Give yourself enough time to meet these goals.


It’s important to know where your leads come from. Make sure your following how people access your content, which landing pages they go through, and then assign a cash value to the leads. Use that as a way to compare content / campaign performance.

Sales Funnel

Don’t forget the funnel. If someone downloads your content, where are they in the funnel? Awareness, Engagement and Buyer Intent. All interactions fall into the funnel, and you can begin to calculate the worth of each interaction.

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