Bold Content 10 Types of Corporate Video And Their Uses

Today, video is everywhere: it’s not just on the TV, it’s on our phones, laptops, tablets, and billboards. Video is the new standard for advertising, as well: having videos made for your business is no longer considered a luxury, or only for multi-billion dollar corporations like Google and Apple. Corporate video has become an industry standard, but there are more ways to utilise company films than you may realise. This article will discuss the types out there, and how one could benefit your company.

• Company profile
• Promotional
• Industrial
• Internal Communication
• Recruiting
• How-To/Training
• Testimonial
• Corporate Events
• Corporate Documentary
• CSR Video

Company Profile

This type of video can be especially helpful to any business new to the market. Typically short, this type of video will introduce your company to potential stakeholders and explain the type of products or services you offer.


A promotional video is designed to showcase a product or service. These can be utilised in multiple mediums, such as television broadcasting or online. One of its main criteria is to improve brand recognition and usually contains the company’s logo as well as is entertaining to try to retain attention.


An industrial corporate video would typically be aimed at audiences within a specific industry. It would give information on a product or service to people that would have more than just a ‘typical’ level of learning on the subject. For example, it may be a video of how a new carbonator works, aimed at people who work on cars.

Internal Communication

Internal communication videos are characteristically used to share information within the company or to clients. They can be used to explain company policy, reflect on a milestone, or discuss an upcoming project or product release. Internal videos is a great way to get information out across a wide organisation.


Talent recruitment videos’ purpose is to bring in skilled workers and talent. They typically reflect the personality and culture of the company to attract like-minded individuals. These can be used towards a multitude of mediums including television advertising, featured on job websites, or even on your own site.


Utilising video for staff training is an excellent way to save time and accelerate knowledge retention. Posting such videos online allows employees to view the videos at home as much as they need. It can also be used in promotional video: showing consumers how they can use your product. Additionally, it can be used towards clients: airplane seatbelt videos, anyone?


A testimonial video is a great way to connect with potential consumers. By featuring someone who has already worked with your business through a product or service, it provides an honest review that is typically viewed as more trustworthy than a standard advertisement.

Corporate Events

A great way to document company milestones is by filming your corporate events. It can be used in recruiting or bringing in new clients. Corporate events can include more than just celebrations, including conferences and seminars, to be viewed by those unable to attend.

Corporate Documentary/Behind-the-Scenes

Corporate documentary video can be utilised for many things, including ‘advertising without advertising’ and expanding your business’s transparency. They usually feature people who have been involved with the company for a long time, such as the founder or long-term employees. These can also include corporate history videos, which are a great way to engage with stakeholders in showing where the business has come from.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A corporate social responsibility video is designed to showcase what your business is doing to help your community. It could feature any charities or foundations you are involved with, staff volunteerism, ‘green’ efforts, or what you are doing to take care of your employees.

As illustrated, there are numerous types of corporate video in existence, most of which are not mutually exclusive. A documentary might utilise talking-heads, with testimonials, with event video. A promotional video may include a company profile, with a testimonial or how-to. The combinations are endless. Investing in corporate video can have far-reaching benefits to your company.

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