Bold Content Corporate Video vs. Promotional Video

When it comes to commercial video production, terms such as ‘corporate video, advertisement, and promotional video’ are often used interchangeably. These are, in-fact, very different products. It is important to understand the difference between them. This can help prevent any miscommunications with clients and give you better transparency.

We’ll discuss each term, and include examples to help explore the differences between the two.

Promotional Video

A promotional video is designed to advertise a good, service, event, or attraction. This is the most popular type of commercial video in terms of television or online video marketing. The aim of a promo video is to show how something works, or how it will make the consumer’s life easier. Because of the design of this type of video, it can be used to highlight specific products or services’ merits.

A promotional video can belong to numerous different niches. Here are some examples:

1. An explainer video would help ‘show’ a process that is difficult to explain with just words.

2. A talking head video is an interview of someone speaking on camera.

3. Testimonial videos feature someone who has experience with the product or service.

4. The fiction piece video uses a story to sell your product or service.

The use of online promo videos is no longer an advertising luxury, it is a modern requirement of marketing campaigns.

Corporate Video

A corporate video, by contrast, focuses on the business itself, rather than advocating for a product or service. Corporate videos are used to improve a businesses brand and transparency. The aim is to get potential consumers invested in the vision and culture of the company, so that they are more likely to engage with that business.

There are numerous ways to present a corporate video. Here are several examples:

1. A company profile video could illustrate the ethos and culture of a business, including what they offer.

2. A recruiting video does its best to entice potential employees to be interested in the company.

3. A corporate documentary shows the history of a company and what shaped it into the business it is today. This type of corporate video would also not need to be short, as compared to a promotional video.

4. A corporate social responsibility video could demonstrate many traits about a company. Namely, the business’s strategy to be dependable to the environment, community, and stakeholders.

Corporate video, just like promotional video, is an umbrella term that can incorporate many sub-genres.


In conclusion, it is important to recognise the distinctions between a corporate and promo video. A promotional video, or advertisement, would endorse a new product, service, or event, whereas a corporate video advocates the company as a whole. In general, promo videos are great for advertising a new product, service, or event. A corporate video will appeal to the company’s target audience in the theory of creating followers. Read more on corporate promotional video production

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