Bold Content 8 Great Examples of Company Values Videos

8 Great Examples of Company Values Videos

There are many ways to bring your values to life using the moving image, from a fun, humorous, lighthearted approach, to an emotional, impactful documentary  approach and everything in between. This document is intended to help your discussions by giving some examples and sparking ideas for a company values video. 

The following examples are here to help you develop a concept for a film that will help your intended audience understand and remember your values.


Animation is a popular option for company values videos because values are  often abstract and difficult to capture on film. Animation allows you to be as  creative as you like with the visual representations of those values. It’s easy to  bring in a touch of humour and they are often a budget friendly option.  

Simple motion graphics like this can be achieved cost-effectively within your brand guidelines:

Here are two examples that use characters to bring the values to life.  

Live Action

Another way to go is using live action promotional videos for your company values video.

Barclays have used a simple format of voiceover plus B-roll with stock footage and probably some pre-existing content for their company values video. This format is easy to achieve and can use any of your existing videos. 

In this film, the multiple voiceovers with different accents emphasises their national outreach, and the on-screen social messages add an extra layer of information for the viewer. 

Uber have made a similar company values video but they’ve brought their staff in to talk about the company. This is a popular approach for values videos as it helps to show the staff embodying the values. It also helps to show diversity and inclusivity.

This Snacknation video goes a step further and demonstrates how the values permeate the day to day operation of the business.  

Brand colours are used as backdrops for the interviews with staff members, and the brand font has been used in bold on-screen text. The staff all look and sound like they’ve been made to feel comfortable in front of camera which makes this a pleasurable video to watch.

This approach works well for both internal and external comms. 

Mass Mutual demonstrate how it’s possible to transform your values into a piece of emotional storytelling. A really interesting way to get people to remember  your values is to embody them in a powerful emotive story.  

This is a simple company values video makes the most of a well-written voiceover and some B-roll shots. The thing that makes it stand out is that it has been beautifully filmed and edited.  Big close ups cut to big wide shots to make a visually arresting piece. Shots flow from one another guiding the eye across the frame. This has been purposefully planned and shot to embody Apple’s sense of quality in the film itself. 

We hope these 8 examples help inspire you to create a company values video that showcases your ethos to your clients and prospective clients.

If you have any questions about how a video like this could help support your marketing, let us know. We love to talk about how video content can help to drive up engagement, improve trust and brand loyalty.

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