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How to distribute video content once it’s created


So you have the video. It’s perfect. You know it’s a key part of your content marketing strategy. Without video content, you’re abandoning the portion of your audience who are actively seeking visual content. But again, you know that. So now you’re trying to figure out how to distribute video content it so you get more reactions than a thumbs up from your Mum and best friend on Facebook. 

Understanding how to distribute video content is just as important as the content itself. It can feel overwhelming navigating the web universe looking for new consumer friends but it’s something you can easily and strategically come to grips with a few basic steps. A starting point is the 3 Rs: Reinforce, Repurpose and Roll with it.


Firstly no matter what your objectives are it is essential you have your video content on your website. You need to reinforce your voice from the core of your brand. Keep it active. Don’t just settle with a clip in your ‘About Us’ page on your site but ensure you have a blog or news page where you regularly add new video content and even reuse splices of old video content. Keep it fresh, engaging and exciting.  This also means distributing it on all the socials. Yes Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok but also don’t forget LinkedIn (which happens to have the biggest retention of B2B marketers), Vimeo (which allows you to embed your videos anywhere, and capture email addresses and sync them with your email marketing software) and good old trusted YouTube. 

Own who you are and be bold and brave in the voice of your brand. Sing it from the mountain tops like Maria in the Sound of Music.

I don’t know about you, but whilst I know many of my friends talk about LinkedIn and it’s value I sometimes roll my eyes as it doesn’t feel quite as hip as I’d like it to be. I’m not claiming to be ‘cool’ but I am saying that my content and more importantly for the purpose of this article, your content certainly is and I want the world to continue to view it as such.  Here’s the thing with LinkedIn.  It’s not your BAFTA winning friend who gets you freebies to celeb parties. It’s not your edgy neighbour who gets you backstage passes to the coolest gigs in town. LinkedIn is your hardworking, studious friend who worked her way to become CEO of the biggest and most connected networking organisation on the planet. LinkedIn is the friend who says to you, oh you’re making macrame plant holders – well I can introduce you a bunch of people who may be keen to not only purchase your product but probably throw a nice load of money at it. In one year, LinkedIn video posts generated more than 300 million impressions on the platform. They also earn an average of three times the engagement of text posts. Plus, early findings from LinkedIn’s beta program show that LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members. So if you are someone looking to be extremely successful, please do not overlook your studious, smartly dressed friend LinkedIn.

So now you can see how absolutely gangster all these socials are. From snappy Tik Tok to sexy Insta to serious LinkedIn, there are so many options for where you can post, align and imbed your amazing video content. But let’s not forget these gangsters need a boss and I think we all know nowadays who the boss is. The Don. The Godfather of all that is the web: Google. Don Corleone is out and Don Google is here to make sure whenever and wherever you post your content across his internet kingdom that if you do it using his guidance and the tools he provides that you will rise through the ranks to head your own family some day. He is literally making you an offer you can’t refuse. Google SEO is nothing short of genius and the real kicker is it’s as simple and tasty as adding marinara sauce to meatballs.

Let’s have a quick look at how you can utilise Don Google to further your exposure within his kingdom. I’m sure you know what SEO is, however video SEO is not quite the same as regular SEO. Video SEO has changed significantly in the last few years, mainly because of its immense power and potential. Video SEO is simply optimising your video to be indexed and rank on the search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches. There are many optimisation strategies to give your videos a higher chance of ranking. It’s truly worth looking into a few tricks and strategies regarding how to do this. Guess where all this information can be found? Yes… Google.


This involves reusing, splicing and recycling the video content you want to distribute. Everyone loves a gif – so make a load of them. Use clips cut from your content to really drive your message. Just make sure everything is tagged and linked backed to your core source. The beauty of repurposing is that it won’t cost you extra whilst at the same time you will get so much more bang for the buck you’ve already invested in your content. As someone with entrepreneurial prowess you already know there are no limits to your capabilities and what you can achieve. So don’t let this be the point where you start putting up blocks. Social media cut downs are 100% within your power.  The key here is ensuring that you have completely maximised your crew time on set during the creation process by creating as much content as possible within your budgetary constraints.  Hell why not also through in some new or stock footage while you’re there. Recycling and revamping you video content is limitless. This will ensure you can create what is almost an infinite amount of halo content around your main video. I’m sure you video is already perfect and awesome. Now by cutting it all up and repurposing it ‘til the cows come home, you can create a golden glow around the original content, halo content your main video that will not only make your video more visible – but will ensure everyone from Mercury to Pluto can see it, engage with it, buy, share and do whatever else you need them to do. Through the use of social media cut downs you can shine a light from you product that will light up an entire galaxy of consumers, guiding them home to you.

Roll with it

And finally just to really get off the ground make sure you know your competition in side out. This is where roll with it comes in. Your competitors are not your enemies. Really sit within their world and understand their approach. Think of yourself as a team within which you sit. A crew within which you roll (*cue Clueless ‘95). See how your competitors are succeeding with their video content and learn from how they’re succeeding and where they’re failing. A little FYI – YouTube has the best ROI for video content, followed by Facebook and Instagram. You’ll even be rewarded for posting your YouTube links on your company’s Facebook page, as each share will help you rank higher. (For more information about optimising your video for YouTube click here). Watch, engage and learn from the actions of others in your industry. Know the world in which you exist and learn from your frenemies. 

The Best Video Hosting Providers

I’ve mentioned some of the more obvious ideas for how to distribute video content, but just to give you a little more insider info below is Techradar’s list of the UK’s best video hosting providers at a glance. Have a little look around. Do some research and go with the providers who you feel the most comfortable with. In this big ol’ world I truly believe gut instincts still rain king. Know your brand. Know your self and treat your business with the same kindness, care and support you would your best friend.

  1. YouTube
  2. Dailymotion
  3. Vimeo
  4. Wistia
  5. Spotlightr
  6. Brightcove
  7. Wix Video
  8. Vidyard

The internet is a wondrous universe in which you can truly fly. Don’t be afraid to explore and go where no human has gone before. Take your video content and distribute it not only as one piece but as many particles across this sparse infinite wonder that is the world wide web. Own your voice, breathe your brand and you will be unstoppable.


By Kath Haling

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