Bold Content Video Marketing Hacks

Video Marketing Hacks

Do you want to improve your online presence to drive up sales or help your business grow?

Video marketing offers a flexible and cost-effective way to grab your audience’s attention, deliver your message in a memorable way and increase brand trust.

We share a 11 video marketing hacks for getting the most out of your video marketing campaign.

1 – Compelling Visual Content

Video attracts users to stay on your platform for longer, helping to drive up your conversion rate by up to 80% (Invisia Technologies).

Presenting high-quality video content on your website is an easy way to keep potential customers engaging with your brand, learning about your products and helping to encourage sales.

2 – Keep it Short and Sweet

Don’t try to cram everything into one long video.

We suggest having different videos for different stages of your sales cycle to ensure that you are answering all your prospective customer’s questions.

3 – Tell a Story

Try to balance information with great storytelling.

A classic structure would be to pose a problem, show how it affects people, and offer a solution. What if you told this story this with a character, representing your buyer personality? Think of different ways to communicate your buyer journey or experience, and how you can tell this as a story with characters that your target audience will relate to.

4 – Have a Strong CTA

If you’ve engaged your audience emotionally, you’ll be in a great position to share with them a call to action.

Make sure this end card is clear to read, contains all the correct information and is easy for the viewer to know where to go next. If you’re posting on YouTube, consider adding links to your website etc to ensure that the video funnels people to your homepage or sales page.

5 – Pick your Title Wisely

Think about what your keywords are.

SEO optimisation for video is just as important as any other content marketing, so you need to make sure that your video title, description and tags are optimised for your preferred search queries.

6 – Buzz Words

You’ve probably searched something like “how to make banana bread” or added the word “reviews” after searching for a brand.

“How to…” “tutorial” and “reviews” videos are popular search terms, which may help to increase web traffic to your video.

7 – Optimise for YouTube

Just like Google, you can optimise your video to rank high in YouTube search results.  Videos are ranked in terms of how well the title, description and video content matches the viewer’s search query.

Make sure you make use of tags (so YouTube knows what your video is about) as well as including a thumbnail image and adding any end cards and remind them to like, comment and subscribe. YouTube rewards you for engaging with your users. You can read more about YouTube optimisation here.

8 – Post on Facebook

There is generally quite conflicting advice on whether or not you should upload videos natively to Facebook or share YouTube links. After listening to the Digital Marketing Podcast by Target Internet, they were discussing the latest advice that YouTube will boost your visibility for link sharing on platforms like Facebook, so get sharing those links!

9 – Add Captions or Transcriptions

More and more social media users watch video with no sound. This is one key reason to ensure that your videos have subtitles so you are not missing out.

Secondly, sites like YouTube read closed captions (CC) to better understand the context of your video and help your SEO ranking.

10 – Invest in Evergreen Content

The key to getting more views and building traction behind your video marketing is to produce evergreen content.

Evergreen content is essentially content that is always relevant for your brand, product or service. Evergreen content can live on your website for a number of years, helping you maximise your ROI.

11 – Rehash Old Videos

Looking to save money on your video marketing? Why not spruce up your old content by adding new footage or stock footage, changing the text and giving it a little makeover? This will help to keep your website feeling up-to-date whilst not breaking the bank.

We hope these video marketing hacks offer you some ideas for increasing audience engagement. 

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