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Top 10 Recruitment Videos to watch in 2024

What is a recruitment video? 

In simple terms, a recruitment video is a tool used by companies to attract and engage potential candidates. Instead of relying on traditional methods like job postings or written descriptions, a recruitment video brings the workplace to life by showcasing its culture, values, and the people who make it thrive.

Imagine a short film that gives job seekers a sneak peek into the day-to-day operations, introduces key team members, and highlights the unique aspects of the company’s work environment. It’s a dynamic way to convey the essence of your organisation, allowing potential hires to envision themselves as part of your team.

They’re sometimes known as employer brand videos because the prospective employer showcases their EVP (employee value proposition) and everything that makes their brand a good one to work for. Although, there are subtle differences because employer brand videos can be used for multiple purposes, including internal comms, moral boosting and communicating shared values, whereas recruitment videos are specifically aimed at new recruits.

Why Are Recruitment Videos So Important?

Recruitment videos play a pivotal role in the hiring process by effectively conveying a company’s unique identity and work atmosphere. In the current digital age, job seekers are not only looking for income but also a workplace that aligns with their values and aspirations. A well-crafted recruitment video can significantly enhance a company’s employer brand, making it stand out in a competitive job market.

When we create recruitment videos, as part of our process we will do a competitor analysis and here we often see recruitment videos that make it hard for candidates to distinguish the personality of one firm from another. This is especially true when looking at tech brands. Because they need to hire the best candidates, differentiation should be an essential factor in their employer branding, otherwise candidates are left comparing on limited factors like who offers the best salary, which in turn leads to the sort of wage inflation that leaves smaller businesses behind.

A less risky strategy is for brands to actually take a creative risk when producing recruitment videos. Rather than a generic film that looks like all the others, a creative recruitment video will weave the brand’s unique culture, values and vision into the fabric of the film. This leads to differentiation and candidates finding a home at an organisation which aligns with their values.

These videos go beyond the traditional written job descriptions, offering a visual narrative that appeals to emotions and resonates with prospective employees. They provide a platform for current staff to share their experiences, giving potential candidates a genuine feel for the company culture. This authenticity establishes trust and connection, which are vital elements in attracting and retaining top talent.

How to Make the Best Recruitment Video

Crafting an effective recruitment video involves a strategic blend of creativity and authenticity. Here are some key steps we take to ensure your video stands out from the crowd and resonates with your target audience:

Firstly, Know Your Audience

Before diving into production, understand who you’re trying to attract. Consider the values and qualities that matter to potential hires. We often do market research to speak to people within the roles that need to be filled to find out what drives them and we speak to job seekers and recruiters to find out what candidates are looking for and importantly, whether there are any barriers to them applying. This allows us to tailor video content to speak directly to ideal candidates.

Showcase Company Culture

We like to bring your company culture to the forefront, but not just by listing words on-screen or hearing from the CEO in a talking head. Instead we feature employees sharing their experiences and perspectives in their own words. We highlight the workplace atmosphere, collaborative efforts, and any unique perks or initiatives that set your company apart. Sometimes we also talk to customers or service users to hear straight from the horse’s mouth how your values are lived and permeate your product or service delivery.

Tell a Compelling Story

People connect with stories. Using your recruitment video as a narrative tool to convey the journey of your company, its growth, and the impact it makes is a great way to hook an audience and tell a tale that they will remember. A compelling story creates an emotional connection, making your organisation more relatable to potential candidates.

Keep it Concise

Nowadays our attention spans are notoriously short. When your target audience is researching your brand there are cat videos just a click away and their phones are lighting up with distracting memes. So aiming for brevity and impact is a sensible strategy. A recruitment video that runs between 1 to 4 minutes is generally ideal. Focus on the most crucial aspects to maintain viewer engagement throughout.

The Devil is in the Detail

It’s easy to try to cram in every last detail and succumb to office politics about making sure every department is represented equally, but down that road lies danger. The greater good is to create a recruitment video that is entertaining to watch as well as showing why the organisation is an appealing place to work.

Your target audience will not be watching your video with a notepad and pen, paying attention to every last detail. Nowadays young people entering the workforce are TikTok natives and they don’t want to watch lengthy videos that go into every last detail. You’ll be lucky to get 30 seconds of their time, so make them count. Create something that will stick in their minds long after those 30 seconds are up.

High-Quality Production

Invest in good production values. While it doesn’t need Hollywood-level effects, ensure clear visuals, good audio quality, and professional editing. A polished video reflects positively on your company’s commitment to excellence.
Often a recruitment video will be the first thing a candidate sees about your brand and first impressions last so making a high quality video is an investment that can pay off over decades if it helps to find employees who will stay with your company.

By creating a recruitment video that authentically represents your company and resonates with your target audience, you can attract the right talent and make a lasting impression in the competitive hiring landscape.As a professional recruitment video production company we see it as our job to help you allocate available budget in the most effective way to ensure production values are high and your message is clearly communicated.

Top 10 recruitment video examples to watch in 2024

So with the above information in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most inspirational recruitment videos to watch in 2024. These are videos which come from a number of industries and sectors, showing that a good recruitment video can just as easily come from the prison service as it can come from a tech giant.  

These videos are in no particular order but they do all show a commitment to excellence and they embody the principles discussed above.

We hope you don’t mind if we sprinkle a few of our own videos throughout the list. One of the reasons we’ve done this is to show a range of budget levels. Some of the videos come with huge budgets which allow for multiple days of filming, large crews and visual effects. Others have more humble budgets, smaller crews and are relevant to brands who don’t have big budgets to spend.

So without further ado, here are some recruitment videos we hope you enjoy.

Studio Graphene

Starting off with one of our own. Showing that recruitment videos don’t need huge budgets or large crews. This video for Studio Graphene uses a strong visual concept to differentiate the brand. They are an app development company, meaning they need to hire developers which are in high demand. They pride themselves on fostering genuine innovation and creativity so we wove that message into the fabric of the film. This not only says that they are innovative and creative but it shows it. The medium is the message. This will appeal to developers who value the ability to work on cutting edge projects in a creative way. 

We created an employer brand film and a specific recruitment film that goes into more detail about the work environment, culture and values of the business. 

The employer brand film was shot in one day in a cinema in South London. We used projected visuals in a darkened environment to create a cinematic brand video that tells potential candidates who Studio Graphene are, what they do and why they should care.

The recruitment video effectively conveys the company’s values, team camaraderie, and work environment, providing potential candidates an authentic glimpse into life at the studio. It sets Studio Graphene apart from other tech firms through a visually captivating and emotionally resonant video that captures the core of the company’s mission and principles.

Key takeaway: Can you weave the essence of your brand into the fabric of your recruitment video and make the medium the message?

A Celebration of Duty

This recruitment video from the lovely people at Hijinks and The Royal Navy, powerfully emphasises their value of Duty. Demonstrating this principle in various cinematic ways, the video showcases the positive impact the navy has.

The film honours Royal Navy personnel who give back to their local community. The campaign aim was to reframe the Royal Navy as a ‘Force for Good’ in order to connect to a younger generation who will be inspired by The Navy’s humanitarian work.

With an inspirational line at the end – “The navy doesn’t teach you a sense of duty, it just helps you find yours.” – it effectively connects with applicants, offering a compelling example of core values in action.

Key Takeaway: In order to show candidates that they will be valued, could you hero and celebrate your staff in a similar way? Everyone needs to feel like their contribution counts and a recruitment video is a great way to demonstrate that your employees are valued.


Southwark Council

Another one from our own portfolio, but only because it leads on nicely from the previous example. Our film for Southwark Council also demonstrates values in action. The recruitment video communicates the strong community spirit of Southwark and celebrates the inhabitants. Instead of merely listing the council’s values, the video adopts a documentary style, featuring interviews with different people from the community. This approach provides a genuine taste of how the council upholds its values, creating an authentic and passionate representation.

Key takeaway: Don’t list your values, demonstrate them in action. 

We Build Giants

This one is here because it’s just awesome. And I mean that in the literal sense. It uses the scale of the submarine to create awe, which is a very powerful emotion. Our friends over at the Neighborhood Film company in the US made this stunning recruitment film which uses the power of awe to attract people to a career building submarines. 

Along with the beautiful cinematography there are powerful emotional drivers in this film. Check out the shot of the person working with a wrench as an older colleague looks on in a mentoring capacity. The filmmakers know that in visual storytelling a picture tells a thousand words and here we see that the younger person is being nurtured, trained, invested in, but given the autonomy and freedom to make a difference and be useful. This is timed with a poetic line of dialogue mentioning, “It’s a place where they can grow.” Coupled with music which has an epic build up and you have a powerful, compelling tool to encourage people to join.

Person working in a submarine whilst a mentor looks on.

You might think that shots of phallic submarines, angle grinders and men working with heavy machinery is all very macho and will only appeal to men, but there’s a nice reveal when a worker lifts a welding mask to reveal a woman’s face. This twist shows a commitment to representation that broadens the appeal of the video. 

The video is only 30 seconds long but it packs in enough storytelling punch to make people want to enquire further. 

Key takeaway: If you’re in an industry that does something awesome, you can craft a video to compel viewers into enquiring further.

The Car-tist

Featuring Robert Matthews, a “car guy” at the Livonia Transmission Plant, Ford’s recruitment video humanises the company. Matthews, sharing his passion for cars and emphasising the importance of quality, provides a personal testimonial that builds authenticity. This approach is inspiring for those with a similar passion for cars and creates a connection with potential applicants.

A relatively long example at 03.24. The film starts in closeup detail. A pencil sketch showing creativity in action. The creative expression is then used throughout the film to draw parallels with the assembly line. This is an unexpected allegory which gives the viewer a sense of the job going beyond the factory floor. It also gives a nice glimpse into the character and personality of Robert. The filmmakers have done a great job of telling the audience more about him in the use of the background on his interview. We see model cars and a Scalextric set in the wide shot which shows his passion for cars which will relate to like minded potential job candidates. His description of the CEO as a ‘real car guy’ is a great way to appeal to candidates who share the same enthusiasm. 

Interview showing worker with toy cars in the background

Teamwork is heavily referenced in the film which is another important value for assembly line workers to have. As is taking pride in their work.
This is a great example of how human-interest storytelling can be used as a narrative structure for an employer brand film or a recruitment film. Although this film is not strictly a recruitment video, it acts as a qualifying tool for candidates. They know that they will be expected to be team players, take pride in their work and it will help if they have an interest in cars. 

Key takeaway: Can you create a human-interest film which pre-qualified candidates so you have to sift through less unsuitable applicants?

Our People, Our Stories

‘‘Our People, Our Stories’ from Netflix India does an outstanding job highlighting the diversity within Netflix, both in employment and the stories told by the company. By shedding light on personal experiences with discrimination, the video humanises the company and promotes a culture of acceptance with the message, ‘come as you are, be as you are,’ making diversity and inclusivity key elements in their recruitment strategy.

Even though the video is predominantly made from talking heads, the production quality is high. They have used a talented Director of Photography who has meticulously lit and shot interviews to a standard that is associated with the Netflix brand.

Interview wide shot of a man in a theatre
Key takeaway: Can you use inclusivity as a differentiating factor and create a video which celebrates the diversity of your workforce?

The Future is In The Air

Nike videos are often seen as the Gold standard for brand storytelling so creating a recruitment video for them is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the creativity within the brand. This video does a great job of hooking the audience in with a fast-paced rhythmic edit

This recruitment video sheds light on the manufacturing of Nike Air, showcasing the inspiring work environment and using employee testimonials. It emphasises the impact of working on a production line that contributes to the success of iconic products worn by top basketball players. This approach gives a unique perspective on the behind-the-scenes efforts at Nike.
Sustainability and inclusion are touchpoints that will help make the video appeal to a wider audience. The employee testimonials feel authentic and honest. As one worker states: “This is the place to be.” and we believe her.

Key takeaway: The pride they take in their work has been woven into the fabric of the film. They have taken pride in making a film which works on a logical level by showing a great place to work but also by using emotional drivers, such as the pride the employees take knowing that what they make could be on a little kid’s shoe, an NBA star’s shoe or somebody’s prized possession. Can you create a film which imbues your employer brand USPs in every frame of the film?

London Cat Clinic

The London Cat Clinic’s recruitment video stands out by featuring the area surrounding their place of work – London Bridge – as a unique selling point for potential vets. The video emphasises the excitement of being near top restaurants, markets, theatres, and galleries. Additionally, it highlights the clinic’s commitment to creating a better work environment for those passionate about their work, focusing on both employees and their feline friends.

Key takeaway: can you use your location as a key selling point or differentiating factor? 

We Love Mondays

In this humorous recruitment video, ‘We Love Mondays’ effectively integrates humour to convey a serious message. This comical video portrays the office routine while delivering a clear message that the company is a fun place to work. It emphasises a laid-back culture, encouraging like-minded individuals to join a workplace that values a good sense of humour.

A brilliantly well written script gets across EVP benefits without taking itself too seriously. A truly great tongue in cheek line states that “it’s free to apply.” The slick drone shots show off the work environment giving prospective employees a sense of where they could be working.

Key takeaway: if you have a light hearted, upbeat culture, can you create a video which uses humour to attract the right sort of people for your company culture?

In a bold move, HM Prison and Probation service have created a recruitment video which doesn’t shy away from the realities of the job. They haven’t been afraid to show that there will be challenging times, but like all great recruitment videos this will help to pre-qualify candidates and deter anyone looking for an easy ride. 

The video has been beautifully shot in a documentary style, showing the reality but also the rewarding nature of the job. 

Emotional storytelling has been employed to show moments where prison officers connect with prisoners and make a positive impact on their lives. This is a powerful tool in finding people who want to make a difference and who aren’t afraid of challenges. 

Key Takeaway: Can you create a video that is honest about both the rewards and the challenges of the job to create an authentic piece of brand communication, which may not appeal to everyone but will speak directly to just the right candidates for the position. 

In a competitive job market, the impact of a compelling recruitment video cannot be overstated. Each example in our curated list showcases the power of visual storytelling in conveying company culture, values, and opportunities.

At Bold Content, we understand the significance of crafting a recruitment video that resonates with your audience, setting your company apart and attracting top talent. If you’re ready to enhance your employer brand and connect with prospective candidates on a deeper level, let Bold Content be your creative partner. Contact us today, and let’s collaborate to create a recruitment video that not only attracts the right talent but also reflects the unique essence of your organisation.

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