Bold Content Case Study: Alti Tiedemann Global Animated Intros

AlTi Tiedemann Global

Animated Introductions – Case Study


AlTi Tiedemann Global, a leading name in global wealth and alternative management, approached us to create premium, modern animated introductions for their video content.

AlTi has a long-standing reputation for excellence in their field, offering a connected ecosystem of advice, solutions and innovative investment opportunities for ultra high net worth individuals, families, institutions and foundations.

The Brief

Our challenge was to craft two animated introductions for their video content which accurately reflected AlTi’s brand. The first sequence for long-form content such as fireside chats and interviews, the second shorter sequence to be used for shorter, social videos.

They tasked us with creating a polished ‘visual treatment for the long term’. The approach needed to feel premium, modern, and sleek, whilst being intriguing enough to instantly engage someone scrolling through their social feed.

Our Process

Leaning into our brand expertise, we set up an exploratory call with the AlTi marketing team to gain a solid grasp of their services, the company history, and deduce anything that wasn’t working in their current marketing aesthetics. 

We have a defined process when working on brand videos and branding elements such as animated logo creation. We bring more than 25 years of experience in marketing services to enable us to ask the right questions, then we listen and learn.

A competitor analysis is carried out, to determine what other brands in the space are doing. We then plan to do something different, in order to create a piece of bold content. 

Finally we evaluate everything with the client to make sure all stakeholders are aligned with the strategy before we proceed to the creative ideation. This process has ensured successful outcomes with some of the world’s leading organisations.

Target Audience

One of the key learnings from our in-depth conversation was an understanding of the concerns of AlTi’s clients. We needed to ensure the opening animated sequence resonated with them as our target audience. Typically, their concerns include ensuring their wealth has longevity, that it leaves a lasting impact for generations to come, and providing a sense of purpose. This knowledge formed the foundation of our ideas.

After receiving feedback on our Ideas and style frames which we had created, we got to work on a simplified visual aesthetic. The development of this simplified approach raised new challenges; making sure the stripped-back visuals felt considered, captivating, and high-quality. We suggested shifting from 2D to 3D animation, allowing us to create a beautiful 3D sculpture situated in an elegant scene. Rather than engaging the viewers with flamboyant visuals or transitions, the allure would come from lighting and camera movement alone.

The ‘sculpture’ concept was derived from the ‘A’ of AlTi’s logo and branding assets. In our 3D software we created three blocks of heavy materials, such as marble, quartz and glass, to represent durability and value. By centralising the animation upon a solid, abstract sculpture we were symbolising AlTi’s permanence within the financial sector, trusted reliability, and highlighting that they stand the test of time. To provide intrigue, as the camera panned around the abstract grouping, the ‘A’ form would come into view.

Initially, we placed the sculpture in the centre of a small room, lit from one arched window behind the camera. The arched window was a considered choice as they are a distinguished characteristic often found in listed buildings such as stately homes. However, the scene felt enclosed and dark so didn’t provide the prestigious ambience we desired.

We therefore decided to feature the sculpture in an expansive gallery space flooded with light. Large, open interiors are also symbiotic with peace of mind and luxury. To provide a reference point and inspiration for our animator, we created Ai-generated images which were closely aligned to our vision.

The 3D environment went through multiple design iterations to ensure we balanced a minimal open-plan aesthetic with beautiful architectural qualities to suggest a historical building, symbolic of AlTi’s class and legacy.

Once the environment was built, the final key visual component was the lighting. During our regular reviews with the AlTi team, it was clear that the animated introductions needed to convey a sense of optimism. We refrained from using bright white light to avoid the scene feeling cold or clinical, so used the warm hues of natural light to evoke positive emotions and reflect AlTi’s warm approach to client relationships. The notion of a sunrise, transitioning from dark to light, became crucial to the final concept. Not only are sunrises entwined with optimism and the hope which comes with a new day, but it also provided a layer of movement to the sequence as the arches of light were projected against the sculpture and gallery walls. The sunrise also leans into AlTi’s philosophy that ‘all wealth once started as an idea’.

Finally, we experimented with various music tracks to see which style complimented the visuals and atmosphere. We explored genres such as classical, cinematic, and jazz, but decided that a Lo-fi track nodded towards a relaxed and sophisticated mood, whilst feeling contemporary

The animated introductions were all about communicating a ‘feeling’, making sure the viewer understood who AlTi were. As such, throughout the creative process, we went through several design iterations to test and learn what worked. We also created over 20 layout options for the text on screen to ensure it complimented the 3D animation.



This honest and open line of communication ensured that our client’s vision was brought to life effectively, and clearly conveyed their sense of self. Our close collaboration meant that we were able to regularly pivot in creative direction and offer our expertise to ensure we stayed aligned to the project objective.

The animated sequence is now being featured at the beginning of all longform content on AlTi’s website and social media platforms. The shorter version is an adapted approach to the sculptural visuals to suit their short-form content.

Exploration and collaboration were critical to the success of this project, which is testament to the faith AlTi placed in us as trusted advisors for which we are immensely grateful. Our approach ensured open communication and collaboration at every stage of the creative process, fostering a strong client relationship, built on trust and mutual understanding.

Throughout the project, our team leveraged our branding expertise and premium animation service to ensure the final product reflected the sophistication and excellence synonymous with AlTi. The outcome was a stunning animation that perfectly encapsulates their brand identity.

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