3D Animation Video

Bold Content is a 3D production agency with access to the latest tools and technology to create high-end 3D animation.

Our experienced animators can manage the 3D workflow to ensure we give our clients a smooth and rapid creation process.

Let's bring your brand to life

3D animation gives a premium feel to videos and allows us to create advanced characters, environments and stories.

Working within your brand guidelines, we can create a world for your brand that is immersive and memorable. We’ll work with you to create designs that reflect your brand culture and values.

What’s great about 3D animation is it’s extremely versatile and can be a great fit for a promotional, explainer or eLearning video.

If you’re looking for animation production, please get in touch to discuss how we could bring 3D animation to your brand messaging.

Here’s an example of a 3D animated explainer video:

And two examples of how 3D animation can be used in live action videos:

Our clients

Bold Content Video have experience at creating animated videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse range of industries.

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