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Bold Content Video are experts at creating animated videos that take a complex message and deliver it in a clear yet entertaining way.

What Is Animated Video Production?

Animation or animated video production is inclusive of computer-generated 2D or 3D designs, characters and motion graphics which creates the illusion of moving images in a video format. This is done through the process of creating individual static images which differ slightly from each other, which are then sequenced together, giving the appearance of movement. 

Animated videos are a very popular type of video production. This is because the possibilities are endless when it comes to animation – the only limit is the imagination. It is also a cost-effective way to deliver your video message. 

Dipping your toes into animated video productions may seem daunting if you haven’t tried it before, but, worry not! If you have the right animated video production company on your side they will have experts with much experience in the different types of animation, and will be able to steer you in the right direction for all of your video animation needs.

Why Do You Need Animated Videos?

So, now that we are clear on exactly what animated video production is, why should you use animated video?

Engage visitors

To put it simply, animated video production can generally be a more entertaining and imaginative alternative to traditional video productions. At the end of the day, you want videos that are going to be engaging, impactful, and memorable to your audience. Whilst traditional video production can meet these needs, there will always be limits to it, from the locations that need to be found, to the lighting and the colouring. But, with animated video production, every single detail of the video can be tailored to fit your audience, and to fit your brand personality, as there is more flexibility in what you can put on screen.

Inform and educate

One of the other huge benefits of investing into animated video development is that animated videos are a great tool to explain complex concepts simply, to better the audience’s understanding and educate them. This is often done through the form of an explainer video.

Increase conversions

When your audience is more engaged in a brand through animated video content, they are more likely to invest into this brand. Animated videos provide a simplified version of what a brand offers, and can help to turn a cold audience into leads through the possibility for them to learn more about a company or brand through this website. This in turn can drive more traffic and conversions to a website.

What Is an Explainer Video and Why Do You Need It?

Animated explainer videos are a great tool for simplifying complex ideas, making your message more memorable. They explain your company’s product or service in a way that is understandable and accessible for the general public. Doing an animated explainer video also means that there can be striking visual effects to better portray the message which you are trying to explain. Having animated explainer videos also allows for more creativity in the process, and are easier to update if you want to make further adjustments in the future.

Which Animation Style Works Best?

There are many different animation styles to choose from, which can fit your animated video production needs.

Whiteboard Animation 

Whiteboard animation is a style of video which shows the viewer still images being drawn on a whiteboard. They are typically found in the form of explainer videos, as they are very effective at portraying complex ideas.

Infographic Animation

Another great option for animated video productions are animated infographics. They are generally used to visualise and give life to information such as charts, graphs, texts and illustrations. Infographics traditionally were long static images that the viewer needs to scroll through. However, as media consumption has developed, static images tend to gain less traction than videos do. So, with infographic animations, there is the possibility to keep the appealing parts of traditional infographics, like how it is a simplified and understandable way to present data, as well as adding a dynamic element in the animation, to keep viewer retention.

Character Animation

Character animation is a more specialised area of the animation production process whereby animators bring characters to life. This creates the illusion of thought, emotion and personality to these characters through the way in which they are animated. Having animated characters is a great tool to have as they can represent any type of person, along with their motivations and emotions. They provide a more human feel to businesses, as they can keep a video away from having an overly corporate feel to it.

2D Animation

2D animated video production has a ‘flat’ style such as the movies “Spirited Away” or “The Lion King”. It makes use of already existing images created with the help of computers and software (Eg. Adobe Photoshop, After Effects etc.). These images will gain movement across the screen.

3D Animation

3D animation production makes use of the three dimensions in order to make objects come alive on screen. This is the typical style of animation that Pixar uses in their movies, such as “Toy Story” or “Up”.  Unlike 2D Animation, the images will not be ‘flat’, but have depth on the screen.

Rotoscoping can be a great way to turn live action 3D images into animation. Depth and camera moves can add complexity to what might otherwise be a 2D animation. 

Stop Motion video is also technically 3D animation although when animation companies refer to 3D they normally mean computer generated CGI.

Our animated video production process

To give you some more context into what you can expect from the animated video production process, and from animated video production agencies, we will run you through how the process works here at Bold Content. 

To start off with, a prospective client will approach us, and tell us their idea for their animated video. During this ideation phase, the animated video production company will work very closely with the client to figure out what the key message of the video will be, and who the audience will be. 

Following this, there will be discussions with writers, who will take the ideas for the animation and turn them into scripts. Side by side with the script writing will be a visual document, which will frame the visual style of the animation which the client likes. 

The animated video production company will then make style frames, which are basically just still images from different places in the script. Here the animators will put their expertise into experimenting with different styles to find the one which best fits the tone and style of the animation. 

An example of video animation with Bold Video Content Production

Once the client is happy with the style for the animation, the team will get to work on storyboards. Storyboards are effectively comic strips of how the animation will look and flow before it has been fully animated. This is one of the most important parts of the animation to make changes if they are needed, as it is much easier to change a storyboard than it is to change a full animation. If the client approves of the storyboard then the full animation will go ahead. This final stage will also include sound design for the animation.

At every stage of animation production at Bold Content there is room for client feedback. Each different stage will have three rounds of feedback, to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their animated video.

1. We ask questions

2. Script writing

3. Style frames

4. Storyboarding

5. Feedback

6. Animation

7. Finishing touches

8. Distribution to
your audience

How Much Does Animated Video Production Cost?

Here at Bold Content there is no “one and done” price for animated video productions. This is because, as an animation video production company, our prices are bespoke to our clients needs and budget. However, there are a few different aspects which may differ the price of an animated video. 

The price variation is mainly dictated by the style and length of the animation. 

For example, 2D animations will likely be more cost effective than a 3D animation, as 3D animations need more time, especially to render. If an animated video is more complex and needs more animators/time to be worked on, this would also increase the price. If a client would like a voice over, music, or a producer involved in the animation this will also affect the pricing of the animation. And of course, the longer the animation is, the more pricey it is likely to be. 

All of these variables in pricing are why we work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their budgetary needs, as well as their animation needs.

Interested to know how much your animated video might cost?

Why choose Bold for animated video production

At Bold Content Video, we make sure every step of the animation production process is tailored to our clients wants and needs. We provide an experienced in-house team of film specialists who can manage the video production process from concept through to completion.

With every video that we create, we aim to make content that will stick in the minds of your target audience. Content which will connect with the audience on an emotional level. We specialise in creative video production. When we receive new briefs from our clients, we respond with creative twists that will differentiate you from your competitors. 

How do we do this? 

It’s quite simple, once we receive an inquiry from a prospective client, we will do in depth research into their target audience, finding what kind of content will suit them best. Following this we will look into your competitors, see what they are doing…then do the opposite. 

In a world where video content is everywhere, we aim to make you stick out from the crowd. We believe that corporate videos don’t have to be boring. That is why we aim to make our client’s corporate videos as creative, and different as possible. Read more on our corporate video production.

We make content that is distinct, that is Bold.

“They truly know what they are doing and are flexible and accommodating, ready to tailor a project to what you need.”, Media Consultant

Our clients

Bold Content Video have experience at creating animated videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse range of industries. We have had the privilege of working with leading organisations such as Coca-Cola, the City of London, Heineken and Nespresso.

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