Low Cost 3D Motion Capture


3D Motion Capture Goes Mobile

We’ve all seen behind the scenes footage from films like ‘Lord of The Rings’ and the revamped ‘Planet of the Apes’. Where some poor actor is dressed head to toe in green spandex, with markers all over their body, only to be replaced by a digital character in... Read More
Sky VR


Sky Launches VR App For Sports, Docs And News

Earlier this year, the Rio Olympics became the first major broadcast to offer a VR experience to viewers. Offering the highlights of the opening ceremony, basketball, gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball, diving, boxing, fencing and closing ceremony via 180... Read More
Love Lived Contact the Elderly Chitra


Letting Love Happen – Chitra’s Story

    Chitra was raised in Trinidad in the Hindu faith. As a custom of her culture, once she was of a marriageable age, her family would find a suitable husband for her. Knowing this, for most of her youth, Chitra took no interest in love. However, once she had become... Read More
Cinemagraph Photoshop Guide


How to Create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop

What is a cinemagraph? A cinemagraph is a photograph which features small movements that loop, this becomes a video clip which is then exported as an animated GIF. Examples of a cinemagraph via GIPHY via GIPHY via GIPHY Ways of creating a cinemagraph (Mobile Phone)... Read More
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