B2B Video Production 

B2B Video doesn’t have to be boring 

With so much noise out there, how do you make your B2B video production content cut through? Well you can make something entertaining that makes your viewers smile, or cry, or laugh, or have some sort of emotional reaction. If you achieve that then the video will be memorable


In the war for attention, too many B2B brands are assuming their viewers are serious corporate types who need to be sold on features and benefits, but that just isn’t the case. We all have the same chimp brains that buy based on emotion and back up with logic. So what your video marketing needs to do is make people like you, make them trust you, and make them realise that you understand their problems. And how do you do that? You entertain them whilst you educate them. 

In general, B2B buyers are just the same as you and I. They like the same movies, they watch the same shows and they know an entertaining video from a dull corporate video a mile away. 

Brands have become aware that video is the most powerful tool in their marketing arsenal, so they commission one, but they don’t stop to think how making a memorable video could stay in the minds of the audience. 

B2B buying cycles tend to be longer than the snap purchases we make late at night after a glass of wine when scrolling Instagram. So a video that’s memorable will place you in good stead with prospects who are not ready to buy yet, but they might be in 6 months time. Which brand are they going to remember? The one who listed 20 features and benefits or the one who made them smile? 

The world’s best advertisers know that entertaining your audience, whilst educating them leads to long-term benefits. See our blog post about the best B2B ad examples.

We’ll tell Your Story…Visually

At Bold Content Video, we’re visual storytellers. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then video content is worth a million! We’re adept at providing B2B video production for a vast array of companies of all shapes and sizes. We’re here to tell you a story, visually. 

Even if all of your competitors already have a great video, we can make yours stand out in several different ways. Of course, we can talk about your USP’s, but we can also make it with a completely unique tone, approach, a different style, and of course, deliver something that’s all-round cooler than anything being done in your industry. Why not contact us today and see how our B2B video production can help you achieve your content marketing goals?

B2B Video Production with Bold Content Video Production

Give your business the B2B Video Marketing Advantage

If you’re planning to grow your business then you already know the need to engage with your audience at every stage in the marketing funnel. As a leading b2b video production agency in London, we’re with you every step of the way from creative ideation to production and distribution. Give your business the advantage of video marketing with the experienced team of time-served creative professionals at Bold Content Video, a leading B2B video production agency.  

A B2B Video for Colt Technologies

Why Use Videos in Your Marketing?

If you want to raise the profile of your brand online using our B2B video production services then video marketing is most certainly the way to go. If done right, you can spread the message of your brand’s product or service offering in a really powerful and engaging way so it’s accessible to a large audience. Video remains a top performer for driving conversions. In a recent survey by Vidsmart, Nearly 70% of sellers say that video converts better than any other form of content they use and customer experience professionals report even higher success rates.

B2B Video Marketing Take-Aways

You’ll see from our video production price guide how much you need to budget for a B2B Video production with Bold Content Video. We’re sure you’re convinced by now that Video marketing is an absolute must for your marketing strategy mix in 2023 and beyond – but just in case you still need a little persuasion, here’s a few more key takeaways showing the huge benefits to consider:

Improved Website SEO

The SEO of your website will be vastly improved by containing B2B video content marketing. This is largely because it improves your click through ratio and usually leads to visitors spending more time on your site as well, which increases engagement which in turn also improves your overall SEO in Google’s googly eyes.


Increased Brand Awareness

B2B video content marketing allows you to engage with your customers on an emotional level, make them feel something in order to make them take the necessary call to action.A well made video from a leading B2B video production agency like Bold Content Video is the best  way to increase your brand awareness and give potential clients the confidence to buy from you and become customers. Allowing the personality of your brand to shine though is also possible with a well made video so we always like to ask the values of the business when making a b2b video. 

Enhances Conversion Rates

B2B Brands using video in their content marketing mix are achieving infinitely better conversion ratios than those who don’t.  A recent study from Brightcove found that conversion rates on websites using video is over 4.8%, as opposed to websites not using video, which comes in at only 2.9%. By using a B2B video production company like Bold Content Video, we can produce content for you that will blow your conversion rates out of the water. Or at least we can add in a cute cat, which is bound to have the desired effect.

Adaptivity is key

B2B Brands using video in their content marketing mix are achieving infinitely better conversion ratios than those who don’t.  A recent study from Brightcove found that conversion rates on websites using video is over 4.8%, as opposed to websites not using video, which comes in at only 2.9%. By using a B2B video production company like Bold Content Video, we can produce content for you that will blow your conversion rates out of the water. Or at least we can add in a cute cat, which is bound to have the desired effect. Meow

 What are the different types of B2B Video you can use?

There’s a whole host of different types of video production for B2B that you can use to make an impact. As visual storytellers we seek to find clarity in your offering and deliver that through the powerful medium of video. We’ve helped some of the biggest companies in the world to tell their stories through a variety of different B2B video types. Below we’re going to explain the best ways we can make each one work for you. 

B2B About us videos

It’s all about brand authenticity. An ‘about us’ video used to be known more commonly as a company culture video. In B2B video production it tends to be the best way to capture the spirit of your brand or organisation. They’re designed to make your leads relate to you, and more importantly to begin to like you! They’re also a great tool to have in your box for recruitment. At Bold Content Video we’re adept at making About us videos that will really make you stand out from the crowd. We make B2B ‘about us’ videos that humanise your brand. Show why you exist. Build trust and give your potential customers a glimpse behind the scenes.

B2B Explainer videos

At Bold Content Video we’ve worked with companies all over the world to produce both 2D and 3D animated B2B explainer videos to illustrate products, ideas and services. Animation can help turn a complex offering into a compelling story and convert viewers into potential leads in a matter of seconds. We have vast experience in making animated explainer videos and offer full-stack B2B video production services in-house.

B2B Product demo videos

Product demo videos can be just as useful in B2B video marketing as they are in B2C, especially when you need to demonstrate how something works, or how your product is solving an existing pain point (the old tried and tested problem/solution technique)! These types of videos can also be known as explainer videos. Also, as previously mentioned, their essential purpose is to move your potential customers further down your sales funnel by showing them (instead of just telling them) the value of your product or service proposition.

B2B Customer testimonial videos

If you’re looking for B2B video marketing in London to help make a customer testimonial video, you’re extremely fortunate that you’ve come to the right place! B2B customer testimonial videos build trust from the ground up; leveraging something we in the B2B video production world like to refer to as ‘social proof’. Customer testimonial video production has the ability to provide a sense of trust almost unachievable by any other method, helping to attract new business, and therefore close deals faster than perhaps you otherwise would. 

B2B Thought leadership videos

Why would you use a thought leadership video in your B2B video marketing instead of a traditional blog or white paper guide?  Well as video popularity has grown exponentially over the years, the use of video in B2B thought leadership strategies have become almost obligatory. Of course now that search engines and social networks put video first in the rankings, if you want to be on top, which we have no doubt that you do, then using video to promote yourself as a thought leader is an absolute no-brainer. 

B2B hype videos

Well this is really where you start to show that you’re down with the kids! Hype videos are known more traditionally as B2B promotional videos – designed to catch the eye immediately and hold the attention of a potential customer. They’re not designed to seal the deal, so to speak – but they’re certainly another important part of your video marketing funnel.

B2B Culture videos

B2B Culture videos are designed to show the more human side of your brand or organisation. They tend not to be overly ‘salesy’ or corporate – more an insight into what makes you tick. The primary focus is on your staff and the relationships they forge with your clients. They’re a great way for you to get across what makes the people you work with  happy and as a result – they make a fantastic recruitment tool too. At Bold Content B2B Video Marketing London, we’d be delighted to discuss making a culture video for you also. 

Do You Need Video Production For Your Marketing?

In short: Yes, and the investment in B2B video production is absolutely worth it. B2B Video production is by far and away one of the most profitable, adaptable and versatile tools in your digital marketing toolbox. At Bold Content Video, we feel storytelling now is more important than ever. The flow of the script and the emotional connection to the viewer are what’s going to make or break B2B marketing video. Why not get in touch with one of our B2B video strategists today and see how we can help you with your B2B video production. 

In Summary: B2B Video Production Doesn’t have to be boring!

Memorable B2B content provokes an emotional reaction from the audience. So don’t make boring B2B videos. There are a huge array of different types of video you can use along the sales funnel and customer journey. Use them creatively and you could be onto a winner.

We’re great listeners, so why not have a chat?