Video Ad Viewability


YouTube Dominates in 2017 Ad Viewability

Video Ad viewability is a tool being used by companies to asses how well an advertisement is being seen. For video advertisement to make an impact, they need to be watched—not just posted. Viewability measures whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a viewer.... Read More
How to Make a Facebook Cover Video


How To Make A Facebook Cover Video [Step-by-Step Guide]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that he believes: “we’re going to be a few years from now where the vast majority of content that people consume online will be video” It’s no surprise then that Facebook is moving quickly to make the social network as... Read More


How To Make A Promotional Video

A promotional video is powerful way of increasing awareness for your product or service. In this guide we’ll explain how to create an effective promotional video which achieves your objectives. What is a promotional video? Before we explain how to make a promotional... Read More
List of Corporate Video Services


Corporate Video Production Services List

Corporate video production services as a term covers an increasingly large blanket term for many different types of corporate videos. Using our video production services list you’ll be able to work out which corporate video service you require. Event Video... Read More
How To Film An Industrial Video


How To Make An Industrial Video

Filming in an industrial location may be challenging but it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! With planning and preparation filming in an industrial location can be done safely, while producing a final video that looks fantastic. Here are our top tips for making an... Read More
Corporate Video Cost


Typical Costs When Filming A Corporate Video

Filming corporate videos can be an expensive task. In order to make sure that your provider is treating your budget with care and consideration we’ve broken down each section of a corporate video and giving a rough guideline on where your budget will be going.... Read More
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