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5 Innovative Shots To Transform Your Travel Video

The viewership for travel videos has doubled year over year, according to statistics published by YouTube. Why? Because video is the perfect way to promote a destination. Stunning visuals, exciting film-making and evocative audio can be combined to transport the... Read More


How To Setup A Video Interview

When producing an interview video it is important that the content of the video is relevant and interesting, when a client hires a production company they should ask for a director to be provided to make sure that the content is consistent and engaging. Interview... Read More
Promotional Video Examples


12 Examples Of Great Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are some of the most creative, humorous, and emotional pieces of visual storytelling work (and yes, art) out there today. A video that goes viral can grant global exposure for a cause, brand, or product. Here are some great examples of promotional... Read More
Dinosaur and London Policeman


Dinosaurs Take Over London! [VIDEO CASE STUDY]

The Cult PR has always got in touch with exciting and out-of-the ordinary projects, so the moment ‘Jurassic Kingdom’ was mentioned, we were all ears! The Brief We were briefed on a promotional video for a new animatronic experience, where life-sized Dinosaurs... Read More


7 Great Examples Of Company History Videos

Behind each great company is an equally fascinating story. Video is the perfect way of telling that tale. As the company history videos below demonstrate there are numerous ways of explaining how a company was born and developed to where it is today. If your brand is... Read More


What Is Shutter Speed? How Shutter Speed Is Used In Video

Any product that takes pictures will be using shutter speed. This is because the ‘shutter’ used to be a piece of metal in a camera that was lifted to expose film and then shut back down again to put the film in darkness. The speed in which this happened... Read More
Recruitment Videos


12 Great Examples Of Recruitment Videos

In a knowledge-driven economy the most valuable asset that a company has is their employees. Attracting top talent is therefore more important than ever before. The most talented employees have plenty of options where they are going to work. To appeal to the type of... Read More


6 Highly Persuasive Product Videos

Video is arguably the most persuasive medium for presenting your product. A good product video quickly captures the viewer’s attention then presents the product in the best possible light. The ability to combine compelling visual imagery with onscreen text and... Read More
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