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How To Define The Buyer Persona For Your Corporate Video

A corporate video script may be well written, it may be beautifully shot and the final video may be perfectly edited …and yet it doesn’t achieve its intended goal. Why? Because it failed to connect with its intended audience. When creating a corporate video there is a... Read More
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Guy Ritchie Commercials – Ads By Director Guy Ritchie

Commercial work has played an important role from the start of Guy Ritchie’s career. After dropping out of school at age 15 to pursue a career in the film industry, Ritchie began directing music promos and commercials. The money made from these promos was... Read More
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How To Seed Your Corporate Video Using Influencers

One of the key challenges that businesses face is how to get exposure for their promotional videos when they don’t have an existing audience. Paying for distribution is definitely one option. But, another very effective approach is to leverage other people’s... Read More
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5 Ways To Improve Your Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos can significantly increase the number of people who choose to buy your product or service. When Salesforce added an explainer video to the home page of they saw their conversion rates increase by 20%. When heat map providers Crazy... Read More
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How Much Does An Event Video Cost?

 If you are planning on having an event video created, then one of your first questions will probably be how much will it cost?   To help answer that question we have put together a guide of the main costs involved. Size Of The Camera Crew The main question to answer... Read More
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How To Make A Better Product Demonstration Video

Demonstration videos enable you to showcase your product in detail. Product demonstration videos give you the chance to show off the key features and benefits of your product. When done properly a product demonstration will not only explain why someone would want to... Read More
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Behind The Scenes At Outokumpu Experience Event

Bold Content went to Old Billingsgate in London to film the Outokumpu Experience Event 2013. The two-day conference gathered some 700 experts from the stainless steel industry to discuss the use of advanced materials under a new perspective and to learn more about the... Read More
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How can video on Google+ benefit your marketing strategy

As a video production company, we are constantly looking at new ways to share our content. From standard video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, to the more recent innovations of Instagram and Pinterest, we at Bold Content are ready to utilize the best... Read More