Case Study Video Production

Our case study videos show your product or service in real-life situations, spotlighting the story of the business and the experiences of customers.

We know that people trust the opinion of other people, and buying decisions are often influenced by online reviews. A case study film provides a powerful personal recommendation from one of your existing customers, that speaks directly to your audience of prospects.

Tell Your Customer’s Story

Our background in documentary filmmaking means that we know how to get people comfortable talking on camera. We are experts in producing interview videos that feature real people talking in a relaxed and authentic way.

Often the best ambassadors for a brand is someone who has experienced your product or service first hand. When customers talk openly and honestly about how your product has helped them, it can help your business seem credible and trustworthy.

In just a few seconds, your video content can help a prospective client understand the benefits of your product. Audiences can relate to the interviewee and the problems they faced, and hear first-hand how your product offered a solution. This builds a confidence and trust with your prospective customers and helps to demonstrate your product in an engaging way without feeling like a sales pitch.

The Value of a Case Study

If your company has already invested in video production and has a corporate video or brand film, adding a case study video into the marketing mix could be a really valuable asset. Whether this is your brand’s first video or you regularly post video content on social media, high-quality video production can help to strengthen brand-image and increase trustworthiness.

Because a case study features real people talking about your product or service, case study videos resonate with audiences and help prospects conceptualise the positive impact it can have on their lives.

By telling their story, the customers will be highlighting your company’s values. Their satisfaction will be more memorable than any marketing jargon.

Our Testimonial Films Showcase The Passion Your Customer’s Show For Your Product

Hearing the value that others found in a product is a fundamental factor in establishing interest.

A good case study video can be used in different scenarios, such as on your website, in presentations, in sales meetings, to help attract new staff, sent as part of internal and external newsletters, and edited into short form content for social media.

Our case study videos are created bespoke to ensure we are communicating your marketing message and we use high production standards to ensure that the video has a long shelf life, making it a good long-term investment.

We like to partner with our clients to help bring out your creativity in video production.  We will work in tandem with you to involve your customers in your story in a video that will make a meaningful and powerful sales tool.

A case-study testimonial video for MarketInvoice

“Bold Content was very professional and also patient. During the shoot we wanted to try different things and Bold Content was very helpful. In the end we were really happy with the product.”

Sapra Navarra CEO

Our clients

Bold Content Video have experience creating case study videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse range of industries. We have had the privilege of working with leading organisations such as The Money Advice Service and innovative businesses such as Trafalgar and Market Invoice.

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