eLearning Trends 2024

New Year. New things to learn! Navigating eLearning Trends in 2024 In 2024, the world of education is experiencing a shift with the growing prominence of eLearning and AI. As experts in the field of video creation for eLearning platforms we’re keen to keep our... Read More


Case Study: Tech She Can

How we went from producing a corporate video to an award-winning e-learning series   Kids used to dream about becoming astronauts, now they’re dreaming about careers in technology and here’s why…   A few years ago we worked with UST on a corporate video.... Read More
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How to Make Stats Videos Interesting and Creative

How to Make Stats Videos Interesting and Creative   Video is a powerful way to market products and services, build brand awareness, boost conversions, and establish authority. But how do you present traditionally dry material, such as statistics, market research,... Read More
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10 Types of Corporate Video And Their Uses

Today, video is everywhere: it’s not just on the TV, it’s on our phones, laptops, tablets, and billboards. Video is the new standard for advertising, as well: having videos made for your business is no longer considered a luxury, or only for multi-billion... Read More
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How Professional Video Can Improve Your Next MOOC

Online teaching is an ever-growing implement in the education world. What started with the invention of the internet has expanded to something commonplace in most modern Universities. Not only this, MOOCs are a becoming a widespread tool for self-teaching. First of... Read More