Corporate video production

The Guide to Corporate video production

Bold Content Video helps ambitious businesses grow with high-quality corporate video production. We help brands channel their core values into creative videos that deliver your marketing message to the right audience.

With the right corporate video agency, you will be able to meet your targets and be able to tell your story by designing the ideal corporate video. 

Corporate video” is an umbrella term that could describe all videos being produced for your company, either for internal or external communications. 

Through this article, we will guide you through the brand video production process, and everything to do with corporate videos, from why you should invest in corporate video, to how much you can expect a corporate video to cost. 

Why Corporate Video Production is so Important

When looking at corporate video production, the main target is having touch points with potential customers, where they have the opportunity to get invested into the company culture and the vision of the company. From here, they are more likely to engage with the business going forward. 

With recent increases in video technology and how content is shared through social media, there has been a massive increase in video consumption. Filmmaking equipment has become more affordable, and easier to use. This has resulted in the global average for video consumption being 84 minutes per day, with 92% of marketers believing that corporate video productions are becoming more important to their marketing efforts. Additionally, this has had a huge impact on the market of corporate video production itself – almost everyone can make use of video advertising, with it no longer being limited to big companies with big budgets. 

Simply put, corporate video has become a necessity in the modern business market, with 76% of sales teams stating that video analytics are crucial to closing more sales deals. 

Thus, because corporate video productions are in such high demand, it would be beneficial to tap into this market. 

Also, just think about how modern online advertising targets audiences. We are moving into a time where social media platforms are able to very specifically use algorithms to target users’ wants and needs. So not only is there a huge market to tap into, but, you can also ensure that you can reach your target audience better and with more accuracy than ever before. 

So, it is definitely worth investing in the best corporate video production companies to help you reach your goals and help you to create new opportunities for your corporate video to communicate your message to the right audience. 

Our Corporate Video Production Services

We believe in making creative videos that your audience will remember. With our years of experience, we provide high-end business video production services. We use state of the art recording equipment, with a team of producers, directors, camera operators, animators and script writers, to make sure that we bring your ideas to life. We specialise in Creative Documentaries, animation, case study, interview and Promotional videos and ensure that we focus on details at every stage of production to ensure that there is a high quality of project execution. We work closely with our clients so you are involved in every step of the process.

Benefits of being Bold

At Bold Content Video, we make sure every step of the production process is tailored to our clients wants and needs. We provide an experienced in-house team of film specialists who can manage the video production process from concept through to completion.

With every video that we create, we aim to make content that will stick in the minds of your target audience. Content which will connect with the audience on an emotional level. We specialise in creative corporate video production. When we receive new briefs from our clients, we respond with creative twists that will differentiate you from your competitors. 

How do we do this? 

It’s quite simple, once we receive an inquiry from a prospective client, we will do in depth research into their target audience, finding what kind of content will suit them best. Following this we will look into your competitors, see what they are doing…then do the opposite. 

In a world where video content is everywhere, we aim to make you stick out from the crowd. We believe that corporate videos don’t have to be boring. That is why we aim to make our client’s corporate videos as creative, and different as possible.

We make content that is distinct, that is Bold.

Our Clients

In order to get our clients results that meet their video marketing objectives, we devise video strategies to cover their requirements. Bold Content Video has vast experience creating promotional  and corporate videos across a diverse range of industries. We have had the privilege of working with leading organisations such as Coca-Cola, Google, McDonalds, Microsoft, AWS, H&M, Natwest and Tommy Hilfiger.

A great example of the distinctive corporate videos which we produce can be clearly seen in our work with Colt Technology Services. We have created a range of corporate videos for our client Colt, that delivers their key messaging in distinctive ways. Over the years, we’ve helped Colt to develop a content strategy that incorporates video marketing into communications.

We often mix live action and animation to produce interesting informational videos like this one, designed to inform their company about hybrid working and the changes they’re making:

To support the release of their CIO Report, we helped Colt to create an interesting stats video to encourage their clients to download the findings:

Colt also use animation for explainer videos such as this one, that explains how their service can help their clients’ connectivity to the cloud:

When launching a new product, Colt embraces creative filmmaking and produces promotional videos that tell a story and help to reinforce Colt’s position as a market leader:

Keeping Corporate Video On Brand

As a video production company with a passion for creating corporate film that rises above the noice, we will work with you to tell the human-side of your business.

Producing video content is hugely important to build brand awareness, increase trustworthiness, and get your customers engaging with you on an emotional level. Internally, great corporate video serves as a great way to help to build camaraderie and encourage company culture.

Whether you want an internal piece (such as staff training) or an external piece (such as a promotional video), our London corporate video production specialists will help you through the production process from concept through to completion.

“Highly recommended to all. Not only is the price extremely competitive but also the quality and the customer care really amazed me. Bold Content is definitely the company I want to work with on future projects as well.”

Google, Admin Business Partner

Types of Corporate Videos

There are many different types of corporate videos which can be produced for your business, ranging in the messages that they will give out to audiences depending on who that audience is.

There are some differences between internal corporate videos vs promotional videos.

Promotional videos seek to advertise things such as goods or services, being the most common type of commercial video used in television or online video marketing. Corporate video on the other hand, will generally focus on a business itself, and provide clear branding and transparency. This allows consumers to be invested in the company culture itself. There are a few different types of video types to choose from, which can cover both your promotional and corporate video needs:

Video Ads

Video ads are some of the most common types of corporate video, with a focus on the promotional aspects. They can help convert sales as video formats are easily shareable amongst consumers, and analytics of the video advertisement performance is a great way to track the performance of your corporate video. 

Product Launches & Demonstrations

As with training videos, having a video format for product launches and demonstrations has quite a few advantages. Audiences can gain a better understanding of the product or services through the power of illustration that is gained through corporate videos. Many different shots and animated effects can be used to allow the audience to see all of the best features of what you have to offer. 

Video Case Studies

Case study video can aid in establishing credibility. This type of corporate video will help your audience to see the products and services you offer in context, making it more tangible to them. A case study video will show a positive customer experience, and explain how your product or service helped your customers, adding a more human aspect to your corporate video.

Employee Onboarding & Training Videos

Using video as a communication medium for staff training is a great way to utilise corporate video production. Training videos can save time when it comes to physically training the employees, and it can accelerate knowledge retention. This also means that there is consistency when onboarding and training employees, as it is known that all employees receive the same training, maintaining a high-quality messaging standard.  Having a copy of the video online can allow employees to review the video as many times as they need, to really solidify what they have learnt. Additionally, training videos are not limited to only employees. It can also show consumers how to fully utilise the product or service which you provide.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are a great way to connect with your potential consumers. They provide a human touch to corporate video, making it easier for potential customers to connect with your brand. This is because testimonial videos feature a person who has already worked with your business. It provides an honest review from an honest customer, which is seen to be more trustworthy to consumers over standard corporate video advertisements.

Our Corporate Video Production Process

These are a our key steps we take when going through the corporate video production process:

Bold Content Video Production showing the production process of their corporate video production
Scope of work/Initial enquiry

The production process will generally start with an enquiry from the client, where the first details of the corporate video are discussed. This will cover things such as budget expectations, and identifying the scope of work for the corporate video production agency. 

Here it is most important for the production team to know all they can about the project. What is the video’s purpose? Who is the intended audience? What and how is the client trying to communicate with this video?

Concept Development

Following this comes concept development, where the corporate production company will develop the idea into more detail. This involves a dialogue between the production company and the client. Here it should be established what the best way to reach the target audience is, as it is critical to the rest of the corporate video production process. An audience will only keep attention to a video if it brings them value – whether this be entertainment or education. This is something that your corporate video service company will be able to guide you towards, ensuring that you will achieve this goal.


Pre-production of a corporate video will include all of the planning and scheduling needed from the production company before shoot day. This will include production deadlines, to ensure that the video is produced according to the timeline expectations that have been set. This will also include a site inspection (or recce) of the filming location, so that the film crew know what to watch out for on the day of filming, whether it be window glare or background noise. After the corporate video production company has better knowledge of the location they will finish video preparations, including tasks such as setup and sound checks. This ensures that once the client arrives, the corporate filming process goes as smoothly as possible.

Shooting the video

As there are preparations done prior to the start of filming there should be a relatively short shooting period, where the production company will go through all of the planned shots, and planned shooting schedule. If all goes to plan, this should be a smooth filming process, which the client will be well informed on beforehand. 

Post Production

Once all of the footage has been gathered, the final steps of the corporate video production process will be undertaken. This will start (in the case of bold content) with a first editing draft. This will be sent back to the client to receive feedback, and make amendments, to ensure that their corporate video is brought to life with their exact vision in mind. Once the amendments have been made to the corporate video it will be sent back to the client for another round of feedback, where at this stage only minor changes should be needed. Once the client is satisfied with the edit, it will be rendered in full quality.


After the final version of the corporate video has been released, then video promotion and distribution will take place. A strategy will be developed to ensure that the corporate video will get the maximum exposure from the intended audience. 

How much can you expect a corporate video production to cost?

Corporate video productions and the costs associated can be complicated, and filming corporate videos can be expensive. So, we’ve put together some guidelines of where the costs come in when planning and shooting a corporate video.


The first thing to keep in mind is location, as this can be a costly process depending on where you want to film. If, for example, you just want to film in your office, then there won’t be a location cost. But, here you would have to keep in mind the noise that office buildings can generate when filming, and if there are rooms available for your production company to film in, as they will not have control over these factors. This is something that your corporate video production company would have control over in a paid location. 

If you decide to opt for a more public location, bear in mind that there may be other costs involved to obtain filming permits.


Once you have decided on the perfect location to bring your corporate video idea to life, it would be a good idea to chat to the production company about which crew they would recommend having on set. As a general rule, more people on set means that there is a smoother production, and so it will take less time, with certain shots being impossible to film without the right person or people present. 

Depending on the location, there might also be a necessity for more crew to be present. For example, in noisier filming locations, a sound operator would be needed. However, on some shoots there is a need for a smaller crew if, for example, the video subject is uncomfortable in front of big audiences – this could slow the filming process, which could impact the costs of the corporate video, and the amount of footage that can be captured in a filming day. 

So the key takeaway here is to find the right amount of crew for your video, which your corporate video production company will be able to guide you through. 


Another possible cost to keep in mind when planning your corporate video production is the transport costs. In London (where most of our productions take place) it is easy to commute by tube, which can be a cost effective way to transport the crew. However, if there is a lot of equipment required, you could expect extra costs, as a car will be needed, inclusive of petrol and mileage costs. If the shoot is outside of London, or possibly the UK then you can also expect trains or flights as an additional cost.


Most companies that provide business video production services will have all or at least most of the equipment that they need. However, if your video production requires specialist equipment, then the production company might have to order this equipment. This usually comes at a cost per day, half-week, or longer depending on how long the production process is.


Once the shooting day has gone by, the next step would be post-production. Some clients decide to opt for editing their own footage. However, we always recommend that your corporate production team should complete the process, as they will have both speed and knowledge of footage. The costs for this are dependent on what your needs are – if you need complex editing or motion graphics you could expect additional costs for the time spent on this.


Finally, music is an important cost to keep in mind with corporate video productions. Music has the potential to make or break your video. We offer many different solutions for this – we could use stock music all the way through, or, we can find bespoke soundtracks which are specifically tailored to the client and what their needs are.

The different aspects of corporate video production

There are many different aspects which go into the cost of a corporate video production. This is why at Bold Content we provide bespoke pricing for every shoot which we quote (provided for free, and with no-obligations). If you need a quote, feel free to get in contact with us.

We’re great listeners, so why not have a chat?