our directors

James Gough

Film Director

James Gough is a car and sports specialist. With clients like Jaguar, Volvo, DriveTribe and Auto Express he has pushed the boundaries of storytelling in the automotive sector and used his background as a cinematographer to ensure the cars were captured with beautiful imagery. He has created films for Men’s Fitness and Fitbit and he is driven to share his love of sports in the films he makes.

Ruth Sewell

Film Director

Ruth is a London based Director working in documentaries, promos, and explainer videos for clients such as the NSPCC, Build Africa, Durex, Schroders, Mencap, Childline, and the Scout Association, among others.

Ruth wrote, directed, and edited the short comedy Countryphile, which won the Special Jury Prize for Writing at the NBFF, 2014 and the WFTV

Keith Albert Tedesco

Film Director

Keith graduated with an Honors degree in Communications in 2012 from the University of Malta and later pursued a Master’s degree in Film and Media at the University of Copenhagen where he focused his studies on direction and acting techniques.

He has since directed 3 short films; Him & Her, Ambivalent and In The Name of Bjorn, as well as multiple TV commercials. On every production Keith utilizes writing, directing and acting techniques he learnt through his studies to showcase his flair for creativity and absolute love for cinema.

Tamara Rosenfeld

Film Director

Tamara graduated in film production from the School of Cinematic Arts at USC. She has gone on to win multiple competitions for commercial spots, which brought her to Cannes Lions Awards two consecutive years (2011, 2012).

After moving to London she received many directing roles from brands and advertising agencies, including Coca-Cola, Jameson, Chevrolet and Lowe & Partners and non-profits such as Akshaya Patra. She was selected for the prestigious SHOOT magazine New Directors Showcase in 2014 for a Coca-Cola spot she directed in Brazil. The film was screened at the DGA in NYC.

Tim Darmenov

Commercials Director

Tim Darmenov is a young and ambitious Ukrainian director with a passion for creating visually stunning and impactful videos. With a strong portfolio of work, Tim has already gained experience in the field of commercials. Now based in the UK he brings his expertise which spans across a diverse range of projects including advertising, music videos, and other creative endeavours. His specialty lies in crafting compelling stories and bringing them to life through the lens.

Sogol Afshar

Film Director

Sogol Afshar is an Iranian filmmaker, living in London whose powerful and compelling work is born from her love of fine art. She has a strong connection with female empowerment issues which led to the creation of a commercial for the Fawcett Society which was nominated for a 2017 Adcan award.

Steve Turvey

Film Director

Steve has developed his unique fashion photography and reportage style working around the world with established industry professionals. His work aims to tell stories in clear and refreshing ways, combining place setting and colour to define moods and emotions.