Employer Brand Video Production

In the fast-paced and visually driven landscape of talent acquisition, the importance of employer branding cannot be overstated. As companies vie for top-tier talent, the image they present to potential employees becomes a defining factor in attracting and retaining the best and brightest. At the forefront of this are employer branding videos—dynamic visual stories that breathe life into corporate cultures, values, and opportunities.

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What are Employer Brand Videos?

Employer brand videos are powerful narratives that showcase the unique personality, culture, and values of your company. These videos go beyond traditional recruitment methods, providing an immersive and authentic experience for potential candidates, current employees, and stakeholders alike

Different types of Employer Brand Videos

Recruitment Videos

Experience the impact of a recruitment video that goes beyond job listings. Our portfolio includes videos that highlight your workplace culture, team dynamics, and the opportunities that await prospective candidates.

Internal Communications Videos

See the difference in internal communications with our engaging videos. Whether it’s conveying company updates, sharing success stories, or celebrating milestones, we craft videos that leave a lasting impression and foster a sense of unity among your team.

Onboarding Videos

Witness the power of onboarding videos that guide new hires through your company’s mission, values, and day-to-day operations. Our videos ensure a smooth onboarding experience, setting the stage for a positive and productive employee journey.

Training Videos

In the dynamic realm of employer branding videos, training videos serve as a beacon, showcasing the heartbeat of your organisation’s commitment to professional development. Beyond being an essential tool for skills enhancement, these videos encapsulate the essence of a progressive and learning-centric culture within your company. Through captivating visuals and interactive features, our training videos not only educate but also communicate a vibrant narrative of continuous improvement. By including these videos in your employer branding strategy, you’re not just offering a glimpse into your training programs; you’re inviting potential talents into an environment that prioritises their growth and success.

EVP Videos

Your employee value proposition can be communicated in many different ways, from how you welcome graduates into the business all the way up to provision for senior employees. EVP videos highlight the initiatives your brand makes in retaining talent within a competitive job market.

Why Do You Need Employer Brand Videos?


Stand Out in a Competitive Market:

In today’s competitive talent landscape, a well-crafted employer brand video sets you apart from the rest. Showcase what makes your company unique, attracting top-tier talent and fostering a sense of pride among your current team.


Connect on a Personal Level:

Videos create a personal connection with your audience. Whether you’re addressing potential candidates or communicating internally, the visual and emotional impact of videos transcends traditional communication methods.


Build a Positive Employer Reputation:

Employer brand videos contribute to building a positive reputation. By highlighting your company’s culture, values, and commitment to employee success, you create a compelling narrative that resonates with both potential hires and existing team members.


Humanise your Brand:

By showing the people behind the brand a company can go from being a faceless entity represented only by a website, to a place that people can see themselves. Once they know that like minded people work there it makes it so much more compelling to apply for a role.

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How We Can Help with Employer Brand Videos


Strategic Storytelling Expertise:

Our team specialises in strategic storytelling. We work closely with you to uncover the essence of your employer brand, ensuring that your videos authentically convey your company’s values and mission.


High-Quality Production:

Experience the difference with our state-of-the-art production techniques. From scriptwriting to the final edit, we prioritise quality, delivering videos that captivate and leave a lasting impression.


Diverse Portfolio and Real-world Success:

Explore our portfolio featuring successful employer brand videos. Real-world case studies demonstrate how we’ve helped businesses like yours elevate their employer brand, attract top talent, and foster a positive workplace culture.

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