Can you film during the pandemic?

Yes we can. 

Health and safety on set has always been a major consideration with any production, but it certainly is more so now than ever before. With more rigorous but necessary H&S precautions in place, we have come up with a number of workarounds that ensure the quality of the production will not be compromised whilst maintaining the safety of all everyone involved. 

If you would like some more information on the measures we take both on-set and off-set, please click here

When can you start my video?

We will work with you to create a timeline that suits your marketing needs and ensure that we deliver the video within that time-frame. We’ll provide a scope of work and as soon as that’s signed off we can start on your video pre-production. 

From the point of enquiry to commencing pre-production can be as swift as just a few days if the project is urgent, as we can expedite our quotation and contractual phases. 


If your video is time sensitive, we encourage clients to let us know early on so we can ensure we move quickly and efficiently to deliver your project. 

Who will turn up?

In light of the pandemic, we are ensuring that we keep production teams small. Typically, a self-shooting director will attend the filming day and a filming assistant, or a small number of camera-operators. Where necessary, you may also have actors on set and any other crew members depending on the scale and requirements of the production. We will give you regular updates about crew members and all names will be given prior to the shoot so you know who to expect.  All our staff and contractors will adhere to the latest health and safety guidelines for our industry when on-set. 

How long is a filming day?

Normally we do a ten hour day which means arriving at 8am, spending an hour setting up, then we film from 9am to 5pm with an hour for lunch at a convenient time. We usually spend an hour packing down and then we’re done by 6pm. This gives you 7 hours of filming time.

Of course this changes if we have to travel outside of London as we need to factor in travel time to get to the location. And if we’re shooting for multiple days we need to give the crew plenty of time to get to their accommodation and sleep for 8 hours.

Filming hours can be varied to suit your requirements, so if you need an early morning or late night shoot just let us know and we’ll tailor our service to accommodate.  Usually there are no extra charges for changing the filming times but if it requires a really early start or a really late night there may be small extra charges to compensate the crew for adjusting their sleep patterns.

How much involvement do you need from the client side?

We try to minimise the amount of work you need to do.  Unlike some companies, we don’t ask you to do storyboards or shot lists. We appreciate you’re busy and you want to hire experts who will get on with the job in hand.  But we also know that you want to be kept informed with our creative decisions.  At the beginning of each project we’ll ask you how involved you want to be and which creative decisions you would like to have control over.

Typically we’ll ask you to fill in a questionnaire to give us a thorough understanding of the project requirements. Then we ask you to sign off on the script, storyboards and any actors we cast or characters we create for animations. Then the feedback process is typically three rounds of amends to take us from a rough first draft edit to a final polished edit.

What happens if there are things I’m not happy with?

We hope that you’ll have an open and trusting relationship with your lead producer, who you’ll be assigned from Day 1. In the event of any questions or concerns, they will be your main point of contact. If there is something you are not happy with, we encourage you to share your thoughts early on so we can rectify them and still deliver your project on time. 

If you have any issues that cannot be resolved, you can contact Adam Neale, our Managing Director, on +44 (0) 203 637 1467.

Will you give a low price then add loads more extra costs?

We will quote exactly what we believe needs to be done to produce the video you require and will not go over budget. These costs will be outlined in the Scope of Work document that you’ll agree to during the contractual phase. We ask for you to sign off this document so you are aware of the workflow and deadlines we intend to meet to deliver your project. 

The only time extra costs may be incurred is if you ask for anything additional to the Scope of Work – for example, if there’s a requirement to add some CGI Dinosaurs to an interview with your CEO. 


Do you have trustworthy staff and contractors?

We pride ourselves on being a small and dedicated team who work passionately to deliver projects for our clients. On our books are a number of fantastic and reliable freelancers who we hire when we need extra camera-operators, voice-over actors or production runners etc. We only work with freelancers who we know, trust and respect to ensure that your production is never compromised. We often work with experts in their fields, for example if you require a product shot, we know an expert, or if your shoot needs a CGI dinosaur, we got you covered. 

Do you subcontract the work to other companies?

We work directly with our clients to deliver bespoke videos, and never subcontract the work to other production companies. 

If I change my mind about the brief after seeing a proposal or script how do you deal with that?

Things change and we understand that. If you’re not happy with the brief after seeing a first draft, give us a call and we can talk about how we can approach changing it to better fit your needs. The earlier you tell us, the quicker we can work together to create a new brief that you’re happy with. 

Where possible, we’ll try to make the changes without any additional cost to you, but if it means changing from a basic filming set up to requiring drones and CGI dinosaurs, this may incur extra costs to reflect the changes we’ll need to make to the scope of work. 

How do I get hold of you if there are problems during a shoot?

You will be provided with all the contact details of your lead producer from the day you receive a quote, including email and phone numbers. We’ll also provide you with a contact sheet on the day of filming, listing all the contact details of the entire Bold Content team, local amenities and any emergency contacts. 

The office is the hub of all contacts so if there’s ever an issue you can call us there on 0203 637 1467. 

If I’m happy with my quote but I would like to make changes what do I do?

Just shoot us an email or give us a call. We’re always happy to make changes in the early stages to make sure that we’re on the same page. Talking with your assigned producer will be the best way to make sure that we’re aware of any changes you’d like to make and we can implement and action them right away. 

I’m happy with my quote… what next?

Fantastic news! We cannot wait to work with you on your video. Just let us know that you’re happy with the quote and we’ll send you a Scope of Work document that itemises the production process and outlines all costs related to your project. Once that’s signed off we’ll get cracking!