Hayley Van Gend

Woman sat near flowers

Video Strategist

Hayley considers herself fortunate to have grown up in the vibrant landscape of Zimbabwe. Immersed in such natural beauty, she naturally gravitated towards chronicling her adventures across the country with a camera during her high school years. Beyond the lens, her fascination with movies, YouTube analysis videos, and literature ignited a passion for both creativity and analysis, propelling her forward.

Her journey led her to the Netherlands, where she pursued a dynamic creative business degree, covering video production, business, and marketing. It was during her final year of study that she discovered Bold Content, undertaking an internship that laid the foundation for her professional growth. Now, as a full-time team member at Bold Content, Hayley dedicates herself to bringing her skillset to help clients plan their video strategy while actively participating in shoots. Combining her love for creative expression with her analytical mindset.

Her favourite film is everything everywhere all at once.