Interview Video Production

We understand that you need an experienced team who can make the interviewee feel at ease and ask the right questions.  We have filmed a range of interviewees, from students to celebrities, to top business leaders. As a result, our team have become specialists in capturing engaging interview content.

Bold Content Delivers Talking Head Interview Videos That Will Engage Your Target Audience, Feel Authentic And Look Fantastic

Having worked with an incredibly diverse range of people, we know how to make our interview subjects feel relaxed, no matter their level of experience talking on-camera. We pride ourselves on authenticity, and always favour a natural down-to-earth approach for our talking head interviews. We have found that this approach increases engagement with audiences.

We strive to provide a comfortable filming environment for our interviewees by providing friendly and helpful crew members that are there to give interview subjects the support they need.

We also understand that each interview we conduct is unique. We take the time to understand your key messages to ensure that we capture them on video.

Our Specialisms

Creative Interview Techniques

We’re passionate about creating content that stands out from the crowd. Often by adding a little creative flair we can elevate an interview video and create an eye catching and attention grabbing piece of content.  65% of people are visual learners so giving them something more interesting than a standard talking head interview, allows them to take onboard the information in a method that suits them best. We often add animation to an interview which is a cost-effective way to add visual flair, without having to capture B-roll or use expensive stock footage.

Cinematic Interviews

This ‘Masterclass’ style of interview gives a cinematic look to an interview video. The lighting, lens selection, colour grading and having a moving second camera all add production value to the content. 

We’ve found this works particularly well for educational content where you need to grab the viewer’s attention and hold it.

Fireside Chats

When two people are on camera having a conversation it’s known as a fireside chat. We have years of experience selecting the right lighting and camera angles for fireside chat conversations.

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Experienced interview videographers who will ensure they communicate your key messages.

We understand that in order to get the most out of your video, your interviewee must feel comfortable and relaxed. Our team are experienced documentary filmmakers, meaning that we know how to help subjects come across as authentic and passionate during their interview.

We provide high production values to ensure that your interview video looks as good as it possibly can. We use 4K and HD cameras, state-of-the-art sound and recording equipment, and feature film lighting to give your interview a cinematic flare.

If you’re looking to finesse your video, we also offer one-to-one presenter coaching to make sure that your interviewees are camera ready. Click here to find out more about our coaching.


An interview we created for Goldsmiths as part of their eLearning material.

Presenter Coaching

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

That’s why we offer one-to-one presenter coaching to build confidence in front of the camera and enhance presentation skills.

Presenter coaching is tailored to your needs, factoring in your brand and key messages, helping you to deliver impactful statements during your interview that make for great soundbites. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch!

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