eLearning course

Collage style Animated Financial Literacy Explainer video

Bold Content Video created this animated eLearning video for a financial literacy eLearning course. Using animation, motion graphics and stock footage is a cost-effective way to create eLearning content at scale. We created thousands of minutes across hundreds of videos for the academy, covering subjects like financial literacy, the metaverse and digital marketing. We used our eLearning video expertise to advise on the subject matter, script, course structure and delivery methods as well as sourcing all the footage, recording the voiceovers, editing the content and doing quality control checks. 

We’ve found that these collage style animations work well for mature viewers because they can see real people in the animations which make them relatable. Instead of animated cartoon characters, you see photography or videos of real people, but with the added benefit of seeing them in situations that are relevant to the topic. This allows for characters to be placed in any location or situation without the need for actors, expensive shoots or using generic stock footage.

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