Winner of the prestigious Canopus prize at the 2022 Vega Digital Awards

CIO Report – Explainer Video

On a bitterly cold January morning two riders lined up for the start of their morning commute.  One was an agile chief information officer who was not afraid to carve a new path for himself, the other took a more traditional approach.  This is what happened.

Each year Colt produce reports which are used to engage customers, attract attention and leave a lasting impact. In the first year we created an infographic explainer film. Building on that success, in year two they asked us for something different so we pitched an idea featuring a daredevil stunt bike rider because we knew we could strategically craft visuals to grab attention when posted to social channels. 

We employed the art of visual storytelling to seamlessly weave the CIO report’s critical insights into a compelling allegorical narrative. 

The report revealed the need for CIOs to embody agility in outpacing competitors. So we told the story of two commuters. One who gets stuck in traffic, whilst the other skilfully jumps over obstacles symbolising the nimble adaptability of a successful CIO. Whilst he’s doing so, we see statistics from the report pinned to objects in the background, reinforcing the message with data-driven impact. 

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