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“Katie & Tex” is not your ordinary animated series — it’s a fresh fusion of entertainment and education designed to inspire the next generation of tech leaders. Each episode is a captivating exploration of a different tech-related topic, from the inner workings of drones to the magic of artificial intelligence. “Katie & Tex” is a fun-filled adventure that sparks curiosity and fosters a love for STEM.

For the past two years we have been working with charity ‘Tech She Can’ on a series of animated lessons aimed at inspiring primary school-aged children to think and talk about technology and the role it plays in young people’s lives.
In each episode we identify learning goals then write a script based on meeting those goals. We bring an element of humour to entertain young audiences, including the all important poop gag which you can see in the episode above.

“It continues to be a pleasure to work with Adam , Hannah and the Bold Content team. We are very proud of our Tech She Can animations and look forward to continuing to work with Bold Content to create a series of animations to inspire children into technology careers.” – Head of Early Education


Central Characters:
Meet Katie, a spirited female scientist bursting with knowledge and enthusiasm for all things tech. Alongside her is Tex, her trusty robot dog companion, who adds a charming dose of humour and curiosity to their adventures. Supporting characters include Ava, a courageous girl with cerebral palsy, and Avye, a talented young coder and entrepreneur. All additional characters are created with inclusivity at the fore, making sure each child feels seen – designing characters with different skin tones, wearing spectacles to head coverings, such as kippahs or hijabs. Together, they represent diversity and empowerment, inspiring children from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds to dream big and reach for the stars.

Tone and Themes:
The series strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and education, weaving together themes of discovery and friendship, whilst challenging gender stereotypes at a young age. With a light-hearted tone and a sprinkle of humour, “Katie & Tex” makes complex tech concepts accessible and relatable for young viewers, particularly young girls, encouraging them to embrace their curiosity and creativity.

Using a laboratory as their primary location, each episode of “Katie & Tex” unfolds against the backdrop of familiar environments. From the bustling city streets to picturesque countryside scenes, football stadiums to city parks, the series celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of modern Britain and aims to resonate with children from all walks of life.

Overview of a Typical Episode:
In each action-packed episode, Katie and Tex embark on a thrilling adventure to explore a new aspect of technology. Whether they’re diving into the world of robotics or unraveling the mysteries of space exploration, every episode is a whirlwind of excitement and discovery. Along the way, they encounter challenges that require quick thinking and teamwork, teaching valuable lessons about perseverance, problem-solving, and the power of imagination.

“Katie & Tex” is a celebration of curiosity, diversity, and the boundless potential of young minds. With its fresh approach to tech education, its commitment to inspiring the next generation of innovators, and endless array of tech topics to explore, “Katie & Tex” is primed to be a long-running series that captivates audiences for years to come.


If you have any questions or are curious about how animation could help your organisation, please feel free to contact our Animation Producer Hannah on – we love to chat!

Winner of two prestigious Canopus awards (first place) at the 2022 Vega Digital Awards

Katie and Tex Episodes

Katie and Tex Explore Electric Vehicles – Sponsored by RAF Charitable Trust

Katie and Tex Explore Wearable Tech in Sport – Sponsored by PA Foundation

Katie and Tex Explore Augmented Reality – Sponsored by RAF

Katie and Tex Explore Generative AI – Sponsored by Accenture

Katie and Tex Explore Autonomous Shopping – Sponsored by UST

Katie and Tex Explore Robotics and AI – Sponsored by UST

Opening board for Katie and Tex Cashless payments

Katie and Tex Explore Cashless Payments – Sponsored by Natwest

Katie and Tex Explore Drones – Sponsored by PwC

Katie and Tex Explore The Cloud – Sponsored by Computeam

Katie and Tex Explore Cyber Security – Sponsored by Morgan Stanley

We asked the founders of Tech She Can to describe, in their own words , what it’s been like to work with Bold Content video across multiple video and animation projects over the course of two years. This is what they said…

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