Prince’s Trust

Charity Video

Only One You

The Prince’s Trust is a UK charity founded by Charles, Prince of Wales, and Frederick John Pervin to help young people aged 13 to 30 get into jobs, education and training. Brit George the Poet is an Award nominee and BBC Sound of Music 2015 finalist.

The Brief

The Prince’s Trust asked us to film a charity music video with George the Poet to showcase a new spoken word poem that he had written to highlight the problems with Youth unemployment in the UK.

The video required a fast turnaround and we only had a couple of days notice to come up with a location and a shooting style that would suit the poem. On a tiny budget we assembled a creative crew who threw their all into the promo video and within a few hours they managed to capture the video you see here. It was a social media success for the Prince’s Trust who were please that we were able to help them highlight such an important issue.

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