Landscape Institute

Landscape Institute is an organisation and educational charity working to protect, conserve, and enhance the natural and built environment for the public benefit.

The Brief

We were asked to create a recruiting video to help young people choose to enter the landscape industry.

Recruitment Video

We developed a script that would appeal to the target age range of the video. Working with the client to learn more about the professions available in the landscape industry, we came up with a script that would inform the viewer about the impact a career in the industry can have on the world around you. We detailed the nature of jobs in the industry, and finally touch points to the viewers on interests and skills so they could relate to what they were seeing and hearing. The goal was to create a piece that would sit at at the heart of big new campaign the client was launching.

We filmed in several beautiful locations around London to create this visually compelling piece. Film techniques used include time-lapse, lens whacking, slow-motion, and the use of a gimbal. We complimented these visuals with stock footage and additional graphical assets in post. We integrated talking-heads of existing professionals in the industry to seamlessly bridge the voiceover. Our fast-paced editing with the call to action at the end created a sense of excitement and drive for the #ChooseLandscape campaign.

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