Promotional Video

A commercial to launch a healthy snack food brand for kids

We were briefed to capture a fun, visually exciting commercial for snack brand Mavericks.
We filmed this short commercial for Mavericks using a Phantom high speed camera shooting at 1600fps to capture a one shot, tracking along a group of children as they had a fun time.

Our agency client had got buy-in from Mavericks to produce a visual arresting piece of content and came to us with the idea of filming a commercial with roughly 20 kids at a super high-frame rate. Naturally we were intrigued but also apprehensive as we could foresee a lot of possible pitfalls to avoid and obstacles to overcome with filming something this challenging. Through a number of meetings we honed  the concept, worked on detailed storyboards and throughout, we plugged in our plan for production of the shoot. We hired the biggest studio at Big Sky Studios in North London with its 55ft infinity curve, a tonne of HMI lighting, dolly and most exciting of all a Phantom camera. A project such as this with lots of big heavy bits of kit on set and a number of children required us to be very thorough and considerate when it came to safety. Knowing we only had one day to film that perfect one-shot, we needed to go through a number of dry runs before the children where on set.

You can see the behind the scenes footage below.


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