Our Favourite Ads of 2020

As our month of reflection continues… we look back at some of our favourite adverts from 2020. A great advert makes us feel something. So we’ve chosen a few that are full of heart, and simply but effectively communicate their message. We hope you enjoy our round... Read More
Woman giving an interview for the Coca Cola 5by20 documentary series produced by Bold Content


Filming for the Coca-Cola 5by20 Initiative

Bold Content recently teamed up with Coca Cola’s 5by20 campaign to create a series of branded content videos telling the stories of how independent business women around the world have changed their lives for the better. Coca Cola’s campaign seeks to empower... Read More
India Charity


What Makes A Great Charity Video?

What Makes A Great Charity Video? Social good and charity is always a relevant topic. Video has become an increasingly popular format used to raise awareness to a cause. Popular videos on Youtube and Vimeo draw attention to natural disasters, environment, famine,... Read More