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5 Reasons to Capture your Publicity Event on Video

5 Reasons to Capture your Publicity Event on Video Publicity events are designed to attract as wide an audience for a product or brand as possible. There is no better medium for capturing the public’s attention than video. Below are five reasons why: 1. Video... Read More
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How can video on Google+ benefit your marketing strategy

As a video production company, we are constantly looking at new ways to share our content. From standard video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, to the more recent innovations of Instagram and Pinterest, we at Bold Content are ready to utilize the best... Read More
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Instagram Battles Vine For Short Form Video Audience

The App market is a competitive and over-saturated place, so when an app does manage to break through into the popular public domain, it is expected that it won’t stay on top for long. Replicants of popular apps are sweeping the internet and you only have to look at... Read More